Not even November can save U.S. game retail now

Gamasutra- Last week the NPD Group released its latest estimates for the retail video game market in the United States, and for yet another month both hardware and software sales were down. For those who watch the market, this came as practically no surprise, but it was still disappointing.

In the 44 months since February 2009, when this long term contraction began, the retail software market has shown year-over-year growth in only seven of them. The last month of growth was a year ago, in November 2011.

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Da Ill One2661d ago

if GTA V dropped it would be saved

EVILDEAD3602660d ago

LOL..the November NPD numbers for the actual month of November numbers won't come until December.

The NPD numbers released in November cover the retail month of October.


chasegarcia2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Prices in general are to high. We still have $300 consoles & $60 incomplete software. Classic game prices are also crazy. I am not surprised at all.

jimbobwahey2661d ago

Yup. People think it's the lack of new hardware but in reality it's a very tough economy coupled with the greed of the industry. If they lowered the price of consoles and games they'd see more sales, but since people can't afford it they're being extremely picky and publishers have nobody to blame but themselves.

Whereas people might check out more games if they were cheaper and money wasn't so tight, now they're saving money for the absolute biggest blockbusters like Black Ops 2 and nothing else.

princejb1342661d ago

i been so picky in buying games
for the past few months or past year i usually wait till the game drops below $40 before i purchase and i must really want that game
if i only have slight interest in the game i dont even bother

i remember 3 to 4 years back i would buy over 20 games in a year
now i purchase about 5 games a year

scotchmouth2660d ago

A lot of times we arent getting the best product first. If you wait you get price drops and patches.

Gamers have been learning that it pays to play the waiting game

-MD-2660d ago

Like scotchmouth just said, if you can handle not having a game day 1 then you're much better off, day 1 owners usually have to deal with tons of network issues, bugs, glitches and a full price when you could simply wait a month or two, get the game 50% off and have most of the bugs worked out by then.

jivah2660d ago

Greed of the industry? Tell me more on how phones cost more than double a ps3 and people get those things like they change their underwear. Im gunna buy it ! or whatever other phone. Oh noooo ps3 300bucks im soooo broke :( and 2 weeks later oh a new iphone?! first on line!

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admiralvic2661d ago

Prices are only high if you don't look for a deal. You could have easily just preordered Borderlands 2, Black Ops 2, Assassins Creed 3, Biohazard 6 and more at BB and got 20 back in RZ cert cash. That basically lowers the cost of that game to 40 or allows you to save 20 on a future purchase. No matter how you look at it though, thats enough of a savings to get the game + online pass for $70 without even trying.

MRMagoo1232661d ago

LMAO prices are high in the US huh ?! try buying games at retail in Australia, our money is worth more than the $US yet we pay on average $80 to $90 per game thats a $20 to $30 diff minimum some games get to $100, if we where paying the same as the US we would get games for $45 to $58 $AUS. We get ripped off in pretty much everything.

Theangrybogan2661d ago

Why are people disagreeing? That's how it is.

MadMax2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Yea, i really feel for you guys out there. That is just outrageous! You should try buying your games from ebay or amazon out here from U.S sellers. I have shipped and sold games to quite a few people overseas.

Get better deals! With the cost of living out here in Los Angeles and no jobs with a shitty economy and worthless President who keeps raising taxes on us all, we are getting hit hard in other ways.

SilentNegotiator2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )


We're disagreeing because Magoo speaks as if insane prices in his country diminishes the fact that prices are also high in the US.

Conzul2661d ago

Yeah well Aussie has a superior economical state to the US. Blame that on that.

DrDeath2661d ago

Taxes for americans? you guys dont have free healthcare how could your taxes be high? Canadians pay alot more tax than americans. but we get our healthcare so its a give and take.

TiberusX872661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

JB Hi-Fi are now selling most new releases for $69.00 - $79.00.

Otherwise there is - all games are $60AUD or less and come with free shipping. The site ALSO services the US.

You have to remember that we have a stronger currency at the moment and our annual wages are higher than the US too. (on average)

I can deal with $69.00 just fine. Better than the $119.00 RRP at the beginning of the Generation! :)

MRMagoo1232660d ago

Heres an update for you for all the ppl not from Australia, try to guess how much eb games are selling blackops 2 for lol .............................. ...$110

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Jihaad_cpt2660d ago

So you think that they are greedy it cost more money to make better games. Do you think that games should be excluded from inflation, everything cost more, hence why people that work for developers need to get paid more hence why they increase price. You people sound typical and entitled.

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OC_MurphysLaw2661d ago

Nothing about this years sales figure surprises me. Many people are now in wait mode for next generation hardware. Plus with economics as they are people's wallets finally are not able to continue the crazy path they did last year in Oct - Dec. The first half of 2013 will be a repeat of 2012 for sure.

josephayal2661d ago

It's amazingly optimistic to think the next generation of consoles will be the last

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