IGN: Grand Theft Auto V Preview: Reinventing the Open-World Rulebook

Ask any GTA fan what their favourite mission of all time is, and Three Leaf Clover is guaranteed to rank highly. The heist mission from Grand Theft Auto IV encapsulated everything that was great about the series in 15 minutes of gaming nirvana. It had everything: a bank robbery with hostages held at gunpoint; a shootout against SWAT teams on the streets of Liberty City with police helicopters circling above; and a last-ditch attempt to escape the cops by fleeing along the subway tracks on foot. It was action packed, was bursting with variety and was superbly paced. It was the perfect GTA mission.

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whyisthehorsestaring2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

By the sound of it, you can't stick with the one character throughout the whole game

"There’s only one building we’re interested in, though, and as Trevor eases the helicopter onto its roof control switches to Michael"

koh2657d ago

Obviously not... why would anyone want to just play a third of the game tho?

whyisthehorsestaring2657d ago

Well I'd rather have three playthroughs than one

unchartedxplorer2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Maybe the person switched to Michael on purpose. The game wouldn't force you to switch characters from what I heard.