Wii U launch may outpace Wii's, though momentum is the real challenge Although the Nintendo Wii U is set to outperform its predecessor in its first few months on sale, analysis from IHS Screen Digest suggests that the new console will have a "major challenge" in keeping this momentum up.

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LX-General-Kaos2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

I do believe that it will be a challenge for the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system to keep up with the momentum of older brother. But I also believe that every next generation platform will struggle to keep up with its predecessor. As it becomes increasingly difficult to enhance already standardized top notch HD visuals for an affordable price tag, many will not see it necessary to upgrade their platforms right away if at all.

The leap from current gen to next gen likely will not be that great of a leap when it comes down to it. Console manufacturers will most likely turn to innovation and functionality for their next generation platform release, just as the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system has already done. Corporations are not in a position to release a platform that can offer the significant CG quality leap that people have been praising due to false spec release rumors. Which will drive prices through the roof, and likely mean an early trip to the console graveyard for the financially lacking or unstable.

Most on this site at least have already seen the type of destruction can come to a company that releases an over powered, overly priced game console into the competitive market. Hand held and home console wise. As great and amazing as graphics may be for some, price is what gets platforms to move from shelves. Price combined with innovation and great gaming experiences. But everything is usually over looked if the price is not right.

With all of that said, I do believe that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system stands a fair chance of keeping up with its older brother through time. The innovation is there, the price is right, and the games are coming. The other half of the battle will be determined by what other competing platforms have to offer, and what their price points are set at.

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GreenRanger2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

My first submission.
I hope the picture i made isn't too blurry.

jmc88882653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Those analysts are morons. Seriously, he didn't get a single thing right.

He acts as if they won't be able to cut the price point of the console, or that their competitors will be more expensive, nor that they won't be much better.

Even then, if you look at those guess charts it's over 50 million units by 4+launch years.

They also don't realize that 3rd party support by the biggest devs with some of the biggest franchises has already occurred AND that also indie games are very big, and will be a big part of Nintendo Wii U as well.

So the 'analysts' are morons. Really they're just quants that pull crap out of their butt, typical of wall street firms that make 200 page reports to tell you something, that really is ultimately simply a guess made by illegitimate statistical tricks.

The funny thing is these analysts make millions for making crap up, but what's REALLY funny, is that people pay them for this crap, and actually believe it.

Seriously they said this "Nintendo is still some way short of delivering a comprehensive engagement-led value proposition at the launch of the Wii U".

Really, fully capable hd console + tv/browser + revolutionary gamepad for about 1/2 the price of an iSuck5. Good job wall street. Does anyone really want to put money there when it's run by hundreds of thousands of idiots like these? Is it any wonder that it's all smoke and mirrors ready for collapse?

tehpees32653d ago

It can't sell 3.5 million because Nintendo are shipping less Wii U's then they have. They are buying their own stock as well. Its all to manipulate people into thinking it is more popular then it is.

Aren't those the theories the doubters are coming up with? I think Wii U could easily end up catching on as fast as Wii did. At least at first.

chukamachine2653d ago

40million sales.

I get disagree's for this.

Worldwide: 32.9 million - n64
Worldwide: 21.74 million - gamecube
Worldwide: 97.18 million - wii.

What is different from wii to those other consoles.

The wii-mote.

Parents, girls, grandparents bought the wii for the ease of use and cheap.

I do not think the Wii u will do the sales of the wii.