New Mass Effect Being Developed with Frostbite 2

BioWare has today revealed the first true details on the forthcoming fourth title in the bloodline series of the Mass Effect franchise. Currently in development at BioWare Montreal, Mass Effect will make use of the technology available to the studio under the Electronic Arts umbrella, namely the Frostbite 2 engine.

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Godmars2902655d ago

So what does that mean to getting planetary exploration back? Adding starship combat?

Is this going to make it a better sci-fi RPG, or TPS with a sci-fi skin?

NYC_Gamer2655d ago

I doubt Mass Effect will ever go back to being an rpg..

Jinkies2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I know right....back to what it was

I mean all I want is, at least, THE OPTION to have the cool down weapons back, they really seperated it from other games with the same old ammo/gun gameplay.

"and of course rich, cinematic storytelling"


fossilfern2655d ago

Yeah with the success of ME2 and 3 theres no reason for them to go back to RPG which is a real shame :/. I have been playing through ME1 again with the high res texture mod on PC and have forgotten how great that game is!

Very much doubt we will get the RPG back .

nukeitall2655d ago

I keep hearing about how bad ME and Bioware has become, yet their game sells the best it has ever been.

Are we in danger of becoming a niche?

ljh2172655d ago

Nukeitall, I think we are already a niche. When was the last good tactical/classic RPG? Dragon age origins? That was three years ago..

Nimblest-Assassin2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I started the ME series with 2.... and I never felt like they were RPGS.... more like a TPS with KOTOR like dialouge trees

Peppino72655d ago

I love Frostbite 2. Imagine ME4 with destructible environments!!

Blacklash932654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I honestly thought the gameplay of Mass Effect 1 was a snoozefest and a chore at the best of times. I welcomed the changes to 2 and how they were expanded on in 3. It was less number-crunching RPG, but it was also far better and tighter TPS gameplay. I wouldn't mind them continuing to make the shooting better whilst deepening the RPG systems somewhat closer to 1 like they did from 2 to 3.

Story, the dialogue system, and galaxy map exploration were still a huge flop in 3 all-around, though. They really need to improve on that.

Irishguy952654d ago

I also think 2 is the best game, but ME1 was better in a lot of ways.

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Agent_00_Revan2655d ago

Taking a quick look at the types of games that use Frostbite engine:
1 3rdPS
1 Racing

Yea, I'd say its not looking good for an RPG ME4. =(

Tei7772655d ago

lol, since when did an engine dictate the genre of a game? Dragon Age 3 is also using frostbite 2. Expect all future EA titles to use it, its beautiful engine which was initially intended for next gen systems, so expect this games visuals to blow your mind.

bwazy2655d ago


It doesn't matter how great or stunning the visuals are when the underlying game has (considering its current standing) a pretty good chance at being absolutely terrible.

Knight_Crawler2655d ago

Mass Effect died for me along time ago when EA bought Bioware.

Anon19742654d ago

Really? Mass Effect was launched the same month as the EA buyout and the PC version was launched under EA's watch. The EA buyout was the point I think Bioware became relevant again. I was a fan of Baldur's gate and Neverwinter Nights, even MDK but I thought the company took a detour with games like Jade Empire and Knights of the Old Republic (I wanted to like the game but I found it!)

After EA bought them the Bioware people I spoke to were excited but nervous given EA's reputation at the time of running developers into the ground, an image that EA was working hard to change at the time. It's my understanding that, at least initially (I don't know about now) EA was very hands off Bioware to let them do what they wanted, simply offering more resources than Bioware had on their own.

And during this period they launched Mass Effect and Dragon Age, then ME2 which many view as the company's finest game. Now these were in development before but they were finished and released under EA's watch. Not too shabby, if you ask me. And back then, Bioware was forcing their views on EA, insisting that DLC was the future while EA was fighting against it, wanting physical releases of all DLC. This caused a bit of friction internally I understand from an employee who has since moved on.

I don't see how EA has hurt Bioware in the slightest.

ATi_Elite2655d ago

I along with many other gamers said this long time ago.....EA was gonna have Bioware or Frostbite 2 attached to all it's games and it's NO surprise that Mass Effect 4 is gonna be on the Frostbite 2.

Seeing how M.E. is no longer an RPG but more like Gears of War but with a dialogue tree.......

I'm gonna say there will be a Special Limited Edition Mass Effect 4 Pre-Order bonus with a "Space Age Karkand Map" attached to it!

yep you heard it here first!

Hellsvacancy2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

So its gonna be this but using the Frosbyte 2 engine

WolfLeBlack2655d ago

To be fair, Mass Effect wasn't really an RPG either, it was a hybrid.

Personally, I don't see the point in trying to label the games as an RPG or shooter. Why can't they just be what they are. Why can't they just be Mass Effect? Slapping genre labels on things adds contraints and expectations for certain things that don't really need to be there.

Brownghost2654d ago

Mass effect stopped being an RPG since mass effect 2.

DOMination-2654d ago

Can somebody explain these rpgs elements to someone who has probably put 300 hours into the trilogy? Because to ne i feel 3 had the same as 1 which is very little.

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Jek_Porkins2655d ago

E.A really has a tight grip on their developers, everything they own is starting to use that engine because they don't have to pay licensing fees to Epic Games.

I've enjoyed the series greatly, but I wonder how this will affect the game?

Pandamobile2654d ago

Well why the hell not? You've invested millions into an engine of your own, which is arguably better than the one you've used previously.

Now you can save money by not paying licensing fees.

Jek_Porkins2654d ago

Well they created a fan base using the Unreal Engine, not only are the two top guys at Bioware not there anymore, but the quality of the games have gone done since EA bought them out.

This seems more like something forced on Bioware, as opposed to their own decision.

ginsunuva2655d ago

Breaking News: Every EA game in the next 6 years will use Frostbite 2

JsonHenry2655d ago

I could think of worse engines to use..

Npugz72654d ago

Not a bad thing since the engine is one of the best out there!!

MYSTERIO3602655d ago

Great news glad to hear mass effect 4 will be using FB2, i always kind of felt that the UE2 was holding them back visually. Can't wait to see aliens races and another normandy like ship using the gorgeous FB2 engine. Just hope this new team adopts and fixs the gameplay mechanics that was used in ME3 by using a lot more of the RPG elements present in ME1.

v0rt3x2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

sorry but I just can't feel excited for anything by BioWare at the moment...

ME3 was a let down.
SWOTOR was a let down.
Founders left.


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