Ubisoft: Rainbow 6: Patriots still in development, could be a next-gen title

Polygon:Little has been said about the upcoming Rainbow 6: Patriots anti-terrorism shooter since word came that three of the top developers had left the team in March.

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RivetCityGhoul2659d ago

id rather wait till next gen to play this.

camel_toad2659d ago

Yeh if it's a possibility then considering how close next gen is I'd rather wait too.

BattleAxe2659d ago

RSV 1 & 2 are two of my favorite games this generation. Great atmosphere and gameplay, and probably the best co-op gameplay of any video game today.

The_Tr0ll172659d ago

It's been too long since R6V2. I've been itching to play some R6 lately. The campaign was awesome in co-op. Good times.

Bathyj2659d ago

I'd would like it now, but I'm a little sick of being disappointed with Ubisoft's franchise games. I can probably wait another 5 years for this one.

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