Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Multiplayer) Review (Pressfire)

Pressfire writes: "After years of fine polishing and experimentation, the multiplayer component of "Call of Duty" is finally back where it should be."

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REDGUM2653d ago

The same s"*t with a different title. Run 'n' gun is all that this game is about as with the last releases of the game inc Modern Warfare.
No teamwork, no comunicatining, no need for mic's, no destruction, no vehicles. I'm sorry but this is boring multiplayer. But yet it sells so well........ Guess there's a lot of players out there with no friends who play by themselves locked in closets.
Agh well, each to their own I suppose.

MrAnderson2653d ago

You sound extremly angry, I don't like barbie games, but I don't go insulting the little girls who play them, let people play what they want, why does it piss you off so much anyway? you don't have to play it, oh, and btw, i HATED mw3, this is 100x better.

The Meerkat2653d ago

'Run and gun' is a big change for the usual 'sit in a corner, look at a door and gun'.

But I agree with the mic issue. Where did all the mics go?
I've been playing Halo all week and have only come across 2! other people using mics.

FriedGoat2653d ago

This is true, I hadn't played my xbox in so long I took half an hour to find a mic. I'm sure everyone else is in the same boat.

Lvl_up_gamer2653d ago

party chat.

To avoid the annoying kids or racist teens and adults I use party chat with my buddies while we play together or if we are both playing Halo.