Tekken Tag Tournament 2: PSN Release, Free New Characters Tomorrow

Posted by "Filthie" Rich Bantegui // NAMCO BANDAI Games Community Manager -

I wanted to give the PlayStation Nation the inside scoop on some cool things we have coming up for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 this week. Starting on Tuesday, November 13th, we will be offering Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a download on PlayStation Store for $49.99. For those of you doing the math right now, that’s $10 cheaper than a Blu-ray copy of the game. And for those of you who have not purchased the game yet and are looking for another excuse to download or grab a copy, we will be releasing the final timed character roster update this week as well! BOOM! HYPE! WISDOM!

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Enmson2659d ago

At last! and its free :D

Hanso2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Nice more characters!
Boskonovitch xD

pompombrum2659d ago

Free characters??? News just in: Capcom exec chokes on his morning cornflakes.

Ares84HU2659d ago

If it was from Capcom, it would have been $9.99/character.

Ares84HU2659d ago

Free characters are always welcome!

rezzah2659d ago

very cool but i moved on to other games already =( I just might bring it back up to try these characters out.