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Analog Addiction writes:

"When we were raised by our parents, they tried to teach us everything they could from how to eat, how to read, how to write. They let us grow up and when they had finished their job, moved us on to bigger and better things. Sadly not everyone is so lucky, the idea of an orphan or someone that has lost their parents and their childhood learning process being considered ‘unfinished’ is a sad one indeed. The Unfinished Swan’s main plot revolves around this theme; it does it in such a classy and understanding way that really provides gamers with an underlining sense of emotion. Sure the game doesn’t dwell on this main plot too often, instead releasing you into a storybook world of wonder. This quirky and interesting world provides one of the greatest experiences I have had in gaming, from the majestic soundtrack, to the sense of discovery and the ability to provide some heart-racing intense moments. Giant Sparrow has created one of the most beautiful experie...

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