TheGuardian Uk-Grand Theft Auto V preview

This is an aerial shoot-out, hundreds of feet above the densely crowded streets, a breathtaking action set-piece, befitting the most vainglorious Hollywood blockbuster. But you are in control; it's your movie. And as shots ring out, one chopper spirals out of the sky, black smoke billowing from its shattered tail. In the background, a neon pink sunset detonates across the sky.

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Stuart57562657d ago

I think the integration of a three character system is a solid way of pushing the story, the possibilities if done right could be amazing, the conflicting criminal minds, a pro, a loose cannon, the back stabber, think season 5 of Breaking Bad, the train heist episode for instance, that type of mission would be so good. The ultra realistic world and massive map is a bonus, here's an idea, download GTA3 off of psn, play it through and get 100% completion, then when GTA5 hits it will be 'jaw hits floor' brilliant. Four months!!