Full PlayStation Plus for Vita Details Dropping This Week

Push Square: "We assumed PlayStation Plus would have already expanded to Sony’s hottest handheld by now, but the eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that it hasn’t. That’s all set to change later this week, though, when the platform holder promises to reveal all."

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FACTUAL evidence2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I'm really surprised they didn't have this kicking before the American release of the vita. Sometimes Sony just leaves me with priceless questioning. It's amazing how we had a prompt update for vita last December, and then it launched in US in march. That could of been more than enough time to get this sorted out.

Not only that, but for crying out loud there were no major PS3 updates so what was the hold up? Oh well, plus has finally arrived to the vita so enjoy.

get2sammyb2654d ago

Perhaps they simply hadn't decided whether they were going to bring PS Plus to the Vita at that time, and were awaiting feedback from the console's early adopters to see if it was worthwhile?

jujubee882654d ago

PS VITA has PS+ coming soon, aye?

Color me intrigued.


badz1492654d ago

but seeing how Sony acknowledge that many Vita users are also PS3 users, they finally decided to bring PS+ to Vita. but hey...even if they started early on with the Vita there won't be many contents to offer would there? so, better late than never. I'm really interested now as I'm yet a PS+ subscriber myself!

porkChop2654d ago

They couldn't have had PS Plus from the start... In order to have a system like Plus in place, that gives you 3 free games every month, you have to wait until there's actually a sizable amount of games for the system... That should have been pretty obvious.

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Donnieboi2653d ago

Whatever. The free Vita games better not count towards the games i'm supposed to get for ps3. Sony said 3 ps3 games a month, so they better not count a Vita game in it's place. Vita and PS3 freebies for ps plus should stay separate since it's only fair for those of us who dont ever plan on buying vita.

Enmson2654d ago

come on already i want to buy a vita :(

JoGam2653d ago

Dude, go buy it. Stop playing around.

abzdine2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

i bought mine last sunday 04/11 :)
come on Sony make it happen !

talocaca2654d ago

Cant wait!...Loving my Vita since the Japanese launch...would love some free games like HotShots....or even good PSone/PSP games!

They just need to drop the price before it's too late to get more people on board D:

Hanso2654d ago

try Ys 7 if you like Rpgs

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The story is too old to be commented.