Animal Crossing 3DS Killing it in Japanese Sales, Downloads Through the Roof

"The shortage has led the Japanese to do something extremely uncharacteristic of this market: download it. On the PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace, the usual estimate of download sales is around 10% of the retail number, but not with New Leaf. According to several Tweets by Iwata, the game has sold 200,000 digital copies." -RPGLand

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knifefight2657d ago

Now all we need is some international release dates.

Dovahkiin2657d ago

Excited for this, I imagine they'll make a great one for Wii U too.

Pillsbury12657d ago

Who says handhelds are doomed? WHO?!

ronin4life2657d ago

"More than 200,000 downloaded"

One of those is me!! OoO//

Those sales are tremendous. Really liking the Japanese 3ds lineup going though March. The USA lineup isn't quite as good, but it is getting there... slowly.

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