Why I'm looking forward to the new Call of Duty.

Often derided as the same game - different name, the annual releases of Call of Duty still continue to be one of the biggest cornerstones of the gaming calendar.

With the new title due for launch tomorrow, Stephen Chapman takes a look and lets us know why he's still excited about it.

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FACTUAL evidence2655d ago

I would really buy this game. I'm just kind of tired of COD though. It's fun while it last though. Every year it's kinda the same thing, different skin, unbalanced weapons that they need to make patches for, and crap loads of over priced map packs.

I'm not trying to knock COD, but it never feels like a complete package every time I get COD. Even with COD elite, it feels as if elite owners got shafted. I LOL'd at the whole 1 day exclusive to the airport map on mw3. F2p got it the next day. Just really no incentive. Double xp is fine, but honestly you'll achieve what level you want from killing anyway if you enjoy playing. /rant

I hope this game does well(DERp it's COD)and shows some new stuff to the series.

GrieverSoul2655d ago

There is nothing wrong with CoD or liking the game.
Its like every other game that I buy, play the SP, go to the MP and have a blast for 3, 4 weeks. After that, I move on.

The problem with CoD is its community! People obsessed with their KD and prestige emblems. These people dont buy or play anyother game besides the annual CoD. Thats a problem with people, not the game.
I have 2 friends in real life who only play CoD. Their PS3 doesnt play anything else since 2007 when they bought it.

aviator1892655d ago

I think I'm probably going to skip Call of Duty until next year.
With Halo 4 and AC 3 and even Borderlands 2, I'm plenty busy. And I'm liking Halo 4's mp more than I thought I would, so even less incentive to get black ops 2 now.

RedSoakedSponge2655d ago

the opening sentence in this really made me laugh. XD

chriski3332655d ago

Well at first i wasn't gonna get black ops 2 but after watching a few video's of multiplayer i said ok bot bad so I'll be getting it day1 plus i was so disappointed with mw3 so i like treyarch they make way better games.

JellyJelly2655d ago

I'm more interested in FarCry 3 when it comes to FPS games.

Oschino19072654d ago

You don't have to limit yourself to one game or the other. I just paid off Black Ops 2 and pre ordered Far Cry 3 and GTAV (they still had pre order posters).

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