Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 suffers another delay

El33tonline writes:

"Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 was initially scheduled to be released during August but was pushed back to October and then again to January 2013."

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Jovahkiin2658d ago

Just cancel this trash.

NastyDaddeh2658d ago

I give them an A+ for effort. At least there delaying it so we hopefully dont have a day 1 patch or get an unfinished game that should have been delayed hence medal of honor warfighter *wink* *wink*

RFornillos42658d ago

you gotta admire City Interactive. their games have always been somewhat mediocre to bad, most especially shooters. what they are though is persistent.

i liked the first Sniper, although recognizing that it had flaws. i'm just hoping this one will be a better one, given that they're using CryEngine 3 (the first City Interactive game to use it, if i'm not mistaken).

you never know, this may just be their ticket to the big leagues. i hope it's really good. we'll have more options in terms of devs and publishers.

Skate-AK2658d ago

Whoa wait a mintue. This is for Vita? If not the tag shouldn't be there.