The sexiest woman that has ever lived and the spy with no clue

Check out a Pyro Love, Team Fortress 2012 Saxxy awards short film and Robot Chicken a Team Fortress short film.

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DesVader2655d ago

Those of some of the best videos that I have seen. The Pyro video was such an "awwww" moment at the end! I love what Valve has done with initiative like Source Film Maker, its really wonderful community building stuff.

HanCilliers2655d ago

I agree, Source Filmaker is an amazing tool

Choc_Salties2655d ago

Pyro never gets enough love, so I'm always happy for him

DesVader2655d ago

The dark mysterious person behind the mask. He / she / it is the Zorro of TF2 :)

HanCilliers2655d ago

I wish we can get a reveal on that!

Likalota2655d ago

Pyro: "Baby, baby... where did our love go... </3".

Awesome video :)

lord zaid2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I guess this is proof that gamers are great filmmakers.

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