New Alone in the Dark 5 screenshots

Today, Atari has revealed several new screens for their next-gen addition to the famous horror series, Alone in the Dark 5.

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Alone in the Dark - Into The Madness Trailer | PS5 Games

Descent into the madness of Alone in the Dark as you meet the residents of Derceto Manor.


March 2024 is another stacked month of massive video game releases

March 2024 is arguably the biggest month of stacked video game releases with Dragon's Dogma 2, Alone In The Dark, South Park, and way more!

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neomahi2d ago

How in the world did South Park make it to a Nintendo console? Did you see in the Nintendo Presentation how they showed all this kiddie games and then comes an animated game..... South Park? Can you imagine a very uniformed parent seeing that and buying it for their kid thinking "Its Nintendo, they make great stuff for kids" only to find your kid playing that? There wasn't anything in the presentation that warned parents, there wasn't even an ESRB rating. I'm really surprised Nintendo let that pass and it was camouflaged in really well with everything else.

This world or corruption and decaying morals and values never ceases to amaze, and we wonder where woke lifestyle and mentality has come from

Kosic2d ago

Tbh I wouldn't even question it for this South Park game, it looks pretty bad so far.

And for Nintendo, there is a lot of Japanese gothcha games with half naked women. Nintendo aren't the family friendly console, they are the new "if it fits we sell"

Remember when the switch came out and Nintendo were like "we have over 1000 games..." All bloatware and mobile app games from a decade ago. Well done Nintendo, very impressive...

Chard2d ago

I’m assuming this is an AI post. The last two big South Park games have been on switch, and it seems like ‘woke’ was just thrown in there at the end for the hell of it

SyntheticForm2d ago

Well, woke mentality certainly hasn't been given any fuel by South Park. They openly berate and mock it and have done so for years as they should - as everyone should.

FinalFantasyFanatic1d 23h ago

Nintendo has less censorship than Sony now, in fact, for a long time now, so it's not surprising that it's on the Switch, also they already has some South Park games on there.

DarXyde1d 20h ago

Who doesn't recognize South Park in 2024?

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LordoftheCritics2d ago

This year is on fire

Are we about to see a repeat of 2023?

jznrpg2d ago

Unicorn Overlord , Rise of Ronin and Dragons Dogma 2 for me. The problem is time as I’ll be playing FF7R for at least a chunk of March and maybe all of it if I go for the platinum right away.

ZeekQuattro2d ago

It was bad enough already and then the Star Wars Battlefront collection gets announced. It's going to be hard to pull me away from that.

shinoff21832d ago

Idk. I'm sure there's some indies being released this month that'll help but honestly for me

Unicorn overlord, sorta on the fence about. I guess I thought it was something it isn't. Thought the battles would have been controllable. Not just the setup before the battle.

I'll grab hi fi for ps5, once lrg opens up pre orders

Peach for switch I'll buy for my daughter.

Dragons dogma 2, idk on this one. I put about 8 hours or more in the first one and can't get with it. I really want to like it. It just doesn't hit me.

Alone in the dark looks pretty dope. 70 dollar dope though I'm not sure.

Some of these games I'd pick up cheaper for sure. That's not a knock on anyone's taste just me.

Personally I think February was better.


Alone in the Dark - Everything You Need to Know in 60 Seconds | PS5 Games

More than a mere battle for survival, this journey will challenge your core beliefs. But what exactly is Alone in the Dark?

Join Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) and David Harbour (Stranger Things) in this cosmic horror tale set against a Southern Gothic backdrop. Experience the breakdown of reality through their characters' eyes as you face countless challenges, from searching puzzles to scarce ammo, to uncover the truth at the heart of Derceto Manor.

Alone in the Dark is coming to PlayStation 5 and March 20!