The time is right for Xbox Surface

Rumors have swirled that Microsoft is developing a high-powered 7-inch gaming tablet dubbed Xbox Surface, the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of Microsoft's homegrown hardware brands. Such a move would change the landscape of Microsoft's Xbox and portable game initiatives. It would mark a reversal for the company, which has stayed out of the increasingly challenging handheld space in favor of promoting Windows Phone as part of its ecosystem battle. However, it would be in keeping with Steve Ballmer's promise (or is it OEM warning?) to expect more hardware from Microsoft. As the tablet was partly Apple's answer to the netbook, it could also be Microsoft's answer to the PlayStation Vita.

In terms of OEM conflict, there would be even less to ruffle the feathers of the likes of Acer as no Windows vendors have broached the 7-inch tablet market (with good reason given the current focus on a PC-like experience). If, as reports have indicated, the device is ARM-based, it would likely be a Wind...

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Coltrane_C3792d ago

If you have to use a controller then how is it portable?

WiiUalpha3792d ago

I know right.... Cause controllers are so freaking heavy. /s

KMCROC3792d ago

Like i stated else where I will take 2 please to go with my other W8 GOODIES.