Ron Gilbert talks about The Cave

Recently we asked you, the internet, about your innermost questions about Ron Gilbert and Double Fine‘s new Adventure game – The Cave. From Facebook, to Twitter, and beyond, we received a massive list of Cave related questions to be answered by Ron himself. Read on!

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Freak of Nature2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Really looking forward to this game. Fun and stylish artwork, great lighting and color palette. With Ron Gilbert you can expect some real brain teasers, while having fun figuring them out. Looks like he has gone all out in giving this game some more updated gameplay to mix in with some old school adventure.

Take alook at this beauty in high rez...

I hope this game does well, we need more like it. It comes from a real good game designer, that I want more from down the road.

NewMonday2654d ago

assuming The Cave is delaying the kickstarter adventure game development, probably was already worked on before the KS funding, maybe after they get done with this they can start devlopment