Music: Its Meaningful Marvels in Zelda

Link's Hideaway writes:

"Zelda, the game is full of life, love, and story. Everything is drawn beautifully and majestically. There's only one thing that could help this game be any better - music. Music is definitely the single most important part of a Zelda game. Don't believe me? Then read this article to find out, and if you do believe me, well then read this article for fun!

First of all, the music is what keeps all of the boring bits interesting, as if there are any boring bits in a Zelda game, well, maybe the endless fetch-quests...I'm looking at you, Skyward Sword. Besides my seeming endless hate for Skyward Sword, though I loved it, the music in Zelda games helps you when you're trying to get from place to place. Think of Wind Waker. There's this humungous ocean spread out before you, and the only thing to keep you awake while crossing it, is the music...and enemies, and storms, and a few other things, but mostly the music. The music really gives this fantastic sense of adventure, and is just the most enjoyable thing to hear when crossing the ocean."

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