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"Crappy or uncredible journalism is everywhere on the Internet, that especially goes for reviews, these reviews are plagued with bias, no detail, uncredible claims for bad ratings, and so on. People complain that they were influenced to buy a bad game with their money because they trusted an uncredible journalist/website. There is an easy way to get rid of crappy journalism, and I'll share how in the following video."

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-GametimeUK-2656d ago

One of my main gripes is people just pretty much say every site is "crappy". All it takes is one review with a score they don't like and all of a sudden the site is labelled "crappy".

Nimblest-Assassin2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )


Look at IGN giving LBPK a 5/10... everyone instantly called out the reviewer, saying he doesn't have a good taste in games... but when that same reviewer gave Uncharted 3 a perfect score... everyone praised him

This is the big problem I have with scores, because when it comes down to it.. people don't care about the opinion, but rather the number

Look at the top article now... Gameinformer scores. No one seems to care as to what the reviewer said about the game... but rather oh.. the score is too high/low.

Even look at how high people hold metacritic. Tom Chicks garbage site only has 10-15 comments... but after that Halo 4 review.. it has over 1000 comments.

And even players, who call out reviewer for paid scores, have no f**king idea themselves how to score games. Its no secret that I love AC3, even with the games short comings... but some of the negative reviews from people... not critics are ridiculous.

One person here said the game is for pussys

Nimblest-Assassin2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

This is a metacritic review

"Who is responsible for ruining this once great franchise?" I'm going to get right to the point. This game is by far distances the worst in the series, it's simply not a good game, not only is it a bad AC game, it's just a bad game, period. You see, when there was backlash a year ago about Skyrim, it got a low score from fans here on Metacritic but not because the game was bad, it was because the game was bugged. When MW3 got a low score, it wasn't because the game is crap, it was because it was the same game being released year in and out. Earlier this year when Mass Effect 3 got poor ratings, it was because it had a terrible ending, not because the game was bad. Assassins creed 3 on the other hand suffers from everything those games got scrutinized for, and more. The story and ending are absolutely awful, the story in this series easily went from a very well thought out sci-fi/historical NY times best seller to a high school short story assignment which would have been graded an F, and unlike ME3 which had a great story not including the ending, this game suffers from poor story telling start to finish. The gameplay, there is hardly anything new here, what previous versions of the series did, they did well, here not only did previous gameplay mechanics get worse, but the little additions they brought in were either boring, or handled very poorly, with respect to naval battles. Unlike MW3 where everyone expected it to be the same, and was being sold as such with minor tweaks, AC3 was being sold as a bigger leap from AC2, than AC2 had from AC1, which is a complete and utter lie. The bugs, this game has so many bugs, it may not rival the likes of Skyrim on PS3, but there's a huge difference, Skyrim was actually a fantastic game, this is not. I have been a huge fan of the series since the first game, I've played every single game several times, watched short videos, read comics, played the handheld games. I have been a huge fan, AC2 is easily my game of the generation. AC3 on the other hand is my flop of the generation. It's missing so many core features previous installments had, from the non existent ambient music playing while exploring to the complete lack of stealth. The game is a mess from start to finish, it's really hard to invest yourself in the world or the characters, it's hard to care about them, Connor is absolutely boring, Desmond's story is a joke, the ending a disaster. You get tossed around so much during this game that it makes it feel like you are jumping from one thing to another, there's no clear path to anything, and it's not that there's a lack of hand holding, because that's all this game does for you is hold your hand, make sure not to let go as well, because if you try to approach an objective in a way you see more suitable, you will fail. You have to do it the way the developer wants you to do it, they want you to be their puppet. Well, I'm sorry but I refuse to be one and this will be my last AC game. Whoever was in charge of hiring the team that worked on AC3, forfeit your life savings, get on your knees and beg Patrice Désilets to return because he was the visionary behind this once great series. Even those who worked on Brotherhood and Revelations knew what the game was about, and they had much less time to do it all. This team, given 3 years showed us that they are nothing but a team of failures and their lack of experience really really shows. Heartbroken."

Of course he gave the game 0 out of 10

Despite the fact AC3 was developed by the same team behind AC2, and now they are failures and have no experience,even though they were behind one of the best games of the generation for this guy

Fans are worse at reviewing games, because they let their emotions get in the way of critical thinking.

rpd1232656d ago

Have to agree. And it's stuff like the review that you posted below that pisses me off. When I read a review, I want to know the reasoning behind the score. That was just a long bitch fest with no actual analyzing going on. AC3 is amazing.

And then there are people who give terrible reviews based on a minor thing. Like ME3. The story was great (even if you didn't like the ending, it was a great ride), gameplay was great, sound and graphics were great, yet it was gettin 2s and 3s because of the end. 10 minutes of a 30+ hour game is enough to warrant a terrible score these days, which is ridiculous. Even if you didn't like the end, the gameplay and graphics warrant at least a 6 star review.

Nimblest-Assassin2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Yes Im using 3 bubbles for this

Seriously.. this review pisses me of more because people just write walls of text, just to rage.

I understand some people were disappointed, and have problems with the game... I have problems to, but tell them how to improve.

but does any game deserve a zero?

You weren't satisfyed by the ending? 0
Gameplay? 0
Characters? 0
Day one dlc? 0
Don't like the publisher? 0
Not on your console? 0

Gamers have no idea how to review games at all... this guys wall of text is a joke.

You want your games to improve? Then tell the devs this is what they did wrong... and this is what they did right... lets work together to fix it.


Greg Miller did this with LBPK

Joystiq, who gave AC3 its lowest score did this.. and I have no problems with his review because he brings up good points for the series to improve

Go on forums, explain problems... devs listen. People need to stop acting like cynics... because they don't know how to review games

Bioware is asking fans how to improve for ME4... and what do fans do?



Even Call of Duty does this... even though I don't like the games, I respect treyarch for doing this



Hell... if you read the review... he is complaining about things that have been in the franchise through out. AC has always held your hand. ACs have always had missions with contraints. Is he complaining about the optional objectives? That he could ignore?

I know I might be passionate about AC, I love this franchise. But seeing this review pisses me of about everything with gaming... because fans have no idea how to review games.

This is why I dislike reviews greatly

You want to know how to get a dev to listen? Don't act like this guy

Act like him

Tell them what they did right, and what they did wrong

Im sick of people acting like idiots, and thinking they know how to review games... because most people have no bloody idea

Bringing Patrice back isn't going to magically make the games better, and brining back drew won't instantly make mass effect better

Mikefizzled2656d ago

The problem is that open sites like N4G are an easy gateway for bad journalism to flood the industry. Especially when people visit shock articles for logical reasons to low review scoring. Another problem being lists. Top 10 and Top 5 are just an easy way to interest people as they love to see they aren't the only one to think that their treasured game is the best ever.

Messor2656d ago

If Uncharted really did get a 2/10, there'd be hell to pay.
Angry mobs with torches would be beheading reviewers left and right.
The same for Halo or Mario.

JohnApocalypse2655d ago

The lowest score on Halo 4 is a 2/10. That site is probably just trying to get hits because I've never heard of them

2656d ago