LA Game Space: A video game center for the people (interview)

Bitmob - LA Game Space wants to upgrade and democratize the creative video game community. The non-profit company is aiming to create a facility in downtown Los Angeles where people of different disciplines can come together to research, collaborate, and make new forms of interactive entertainment. The founders also envision it to be a place for workshops, lectures, and more.

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RockYou2657d ago

LA is so lucky to always get stuff like this.

acronkyoung2657d ago

I wish Michigan would get cool things too.

Lifeequals422657d ago

Sounds like an interesting venture.

Sadie21002657d ago

I'm still not quite clear on what this place is supposed to be. Seems like it's trying to do a lot of things.

darkronin2292657d ago

The lecture series sound cool. I wonder what type of speakers they'll be able to get.