Camouflaged Corvette C7, New Aventador Appear in Gran Turismo 5

GTPlanet users spot two mysterious new cars which have appeared in GT5.

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Abash2665d ago

Awesome, sounds like the next DLC pack :). Love Gran Turismo 5

BuLLDoG9092664d ago

passed on the last dlc, i dont like these little droplets of every 3 to 5 months..
release a track pack with atleast 3 different tracks and youll get my money.

2664d ago
jerethdagryphon2664d ago

gotta disagree with you there sorry i love my lambos

Me-Time2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

My post was sarcasm that I didn't care to show. That guy's always doing that bull crap. "oh oh! the best!!" nothing more, never tries anything. It's a new form of trolling.

Hicken2664d ago

I think I'd put my ZR-1 against any Lambo, but my favorite car to drive is probably my Elise 111R.

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