Black Ops 2 Stats Will Not Reset at Launch, PC Patch Includes 90 FOV and Live Streaming Tips

MP1st - Getting pumped for Black Ops 2? Though we are still a full day and a few hours away from release, you may have noticed a Black Ops 2 copy in the hands of a number of gamers who’ve managed to attain it yearly through various means.

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CrimsonessCross2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Yeah...go figure...

Not that it matters but I already noticed a video of someone prestige-ing for the first time. It just makes me wonder how much higher leveled and how much more they have played the game (which of course will diminish over time when people start doing the same after launch).

I'm sure that I will run into more people who haven't had the game in lobbies than people who have...and hopefully by doing this the matchmaking will have been somewhat pre-stressed (but nothing like what is forthcoming).
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To sum it up, I wish it would be a fresh start, but in a way it doesn't matter since it's just more time they've played and over-paid for their game (or just received it earlier than the launch day). I'm sure it won't matter and will (hopefully) help out once everyone starts flooding onto the game. Can't wait to get my copy!

2659d ago
PhunnyJesta2659d ago

90 FOV o.0 its about damn time