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Like most Mario games these days, Paper Mario: Sticker Star features a very thin plot. This one has you at the Sticker Fest (a celebration of stickers where the Sticker Comet passes by in the sky) when Bowser all of a sudden shows up to give everyone a bad time. Then the comet breaks into many pieces which scatter across the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser becomes super powerful and steals Princess Peach, which prompts Mario to team up with a talking sticker name Kersti in order to save her.

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Relientk772663d ago

Love the Paper Mario games, looks like this ones good as well


TrendyGamers2663d ago

You'll probably like this one as well!

BootHammer2663d ago

Can't go wrong with Paper Mario =)

TrendyGamers2663d ago


You should check it out!

BringingTheThunder2663d ago

maybe i'll check this one out when it hits $20

Godchild10202663d ago

You will be waiting a while for that. How many Mario games are 20 dollars that are not from the N64 and gameboy color. Mario Kart on the Wii and DS are still 35 or more new and 25-30 used.

insomnium22663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Yeah the resale value of these games are great. I even made some cash at one point in time buying Gamecube lots with douzens of games and sold everything separately. I could easily make a few houdred euros. The lot usually broke even just by selling out the Mario games lol.

I always played the games before they got sold. Paper Mario was good.

Y_51502663d ago

This game is good! I was always more into the 'Mario & Luigi' than Paper Mario, but that Club Nintendo deal makes it really tempting.

LiquidSword932663d ago

I like the paper Mario games. Very creative with the whole dimension shifting thing from 2d to 3d and w/e. 7 is bit low but...

Y_51502663d ago

It's not low at all. It's a good game! If you like Paper Mario, then this is the game for you.

LiquidSword932663d ago

7 for a mario game is pretty low dude... Won't stop me but ;)

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