Team Ninja: "In Dead or Alive 5, we took a lot of inspiration from the Uncharted series..."

"Last issue we awarded Team Ninja's new game, Dead Or Alive 5, a healthy 8.1. This month, we caught up with the quiet, unassuming man behind the series (and the Ninja Gaiden games), and asked him - among other things - why he makes fighting games, how PS3's Uncharted series influenced Dead Or Alive 5, and whether or not the gaming media needs to grow up...", writes CVG.

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wishingW3L2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

good question... Uncharted is easily my favorite series of this gen but inspiring a fighting game is ridiculous. Just like FF13 taking inspiration from Call of Duty!

-GametimeUK-2655d ago

Its amazing how Uncharted was able to take inspiration from a bunch of games and compile them into a package which then sees other developers getting inspired by Uncharted.

Naughty Dog are truly talented and deserve their props.

Jinkies2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Naughtydog really took most of their inspiration for Uncharted though from films...Indiana Jones for example

I don't think they took much inspiration from other games unless it was their own. Platforming for example which was in Crash/Jak and Daxter.

-GametimeUK-2655d ago

Sorry, but the platforming for Uncharted feels very much like Prince of Persia and Tomb Raider. The shooting and over the shoulder aiming is hints of Gears of War.

Naughty Dog even said themselves that they got told their game was like PoP / TR and Gears and their reply was along the lines of "How can it be the same as such different games, we mixed mechanics together and made something truly unique" which they did! Their melee in Uncharted3 is clearly inspired by the Batman combat system.

Inspiration is a good thing and I am not saying they are copying. There is a big difference.

Jinkies2655d ago

Most platforming games are like each other, I'm not surprized you said Tomb Raider since so many others do but the only thing they have in common is that they are both treasure hunters. Tomb Raider was more of a puzzle game with third person shooter elements, while Uncharted is the opposite.

Gears and Uncharted were in development roughly the same time, so no one copiued the cover system. Gears was just shown off and released first since Uncharted took longer because of the motion capturing they had to do for it.

"and their reply was along the lines of "How can it be the same as such different games, we mixed mechanics together "

Yeah they mixed mechanics together....dosent mean they were influenced by those games. They're just stating they have differnt genres in Uncharted.

-GametimeUK-2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Sorry, but you're completely wrong. The platforming in Uncharted is exactly like a version of the Tomb Raider (since Tomb Raider Legend) and Prince of Persia games.

The way Nathan Drake does his shimmy along walls is exactly like Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia control wise. Many people have took inspiration from that style of controls which was set back in 2003. Even Splinter Cell has hints of it in Conviction. More recently Zelda adopted similar controls.

Uncharted clearly took inspiration from Gears and in turn gears took inspiration from Killswitch.

I think you need a history lesson to see where Uncharted has took inspiration from other games because it clearly has and the developers have said it themselves.

Jinkies2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

No they didn't....

Gears wasn't even shown off when Uncharted was in development, so unless ND are physic I doubt they took anything from Gears, it was just bad timing and bad lucky on NDs part, as I've said it took ND longer because of the mo cap they had to do. They never once said "Yeah we took our gameplay from Gears of War"

Jesus christ, why can you not admit it. ND havent said anything like that.

So because he does his shimmy across a wall like her they copied it....right. There is NO OTHER way you can climb a wall or shimmy along one, Tomb Raide never invented it you know they just took it off how you actually do something like that in real life.

Gears of War took inspiration from Resident Evil 4s over the shoulder view and the gameplay evolved from there, cliffy b even said that himself.

I think your the one who needs the history lesson mate, why are you keen to dumb Uncharted down.

-GametimeUK-2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Just learn your history, bro. Prince of Persia inspired the whole swift shimmy climbing mechanics that other games (including Tomb Raider) have been using since 2003. Uncharted is using a clearly Batman inspired combat system.

I'm not putting Uncharted down, but I am saying the sources of inspiration for their combat mechanics.

Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Zelda Skyward Sword, Splinter Cell Conviction and even Enslaved have platforming that is directly influenced by Prince of Persia. Just the way it is. I don't even like Prince of Persia.

Uncharted was going to a be a much more fantasy based game, but took inspiration from "gritty xbox shooters"

There is a link to back it up

Sorry to everyone who has to read this crap... It is so hard to get a point across to some people. There is no reason to take offense. I haven't said anything negative about Uncharted lol. Its my fave game this gen.

Imalwaysright2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I agree that Uncharted plays different and focus on different aspects but its clear that Uncharted borrowed alot from TR. Treasure hunting, shooting, solving puzzles and platforming were done in TR in 1996. The concept of both games is similar. I also would like to point out that Amy Henning worked at Crystal Dynamics before joining Naughty Dog.

@ -GametimeUK Over the shoulder view on both Gears and Uncharted was taken from RE4 and their shooting/cover system was inspired by Killswitch. Fact is, neither Gears or Uncharted are original. Both games took inspiration from other games.

jjdoyle2655d ago

likes others said tomb raider cant be denied, and prince of persia...

though uncharted continued to make improvements and be an awesome series

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ritsuka6662655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

other developers getting inspired by Uncharted. "

More like devs from Japan are lazy in this days... -__-

Ritsujun2655d ago

Nope, you're the lazy one thinking like that.

RXL2655d ago

god i will hate the day Apple throws it's hat into the video game ring..

people being sued left and right and up the middle..

kreate2655d ago

They're getting there though.

Than they gonna Sue micro-sony-tendo for having their consoles and game boxes in a 'rectangular shape with rounded edges'

Probably get a billion each.
Than the Chinese will suffer more Cuz than they gotta make gaming consoles on top of the idevices.

bubblebeam2655d ago

So Nathan Drake is actually a pair of boobies? Damn, the Unchartede series is getting crazier and crazier ;)

DeeZee2655d ago

Wow, I know no one cares about this, but when I reviewed the game I said "This may sound crazy, but thanks to all the explosions and fancy camera work DOA 5 almost feels Uncharted-esque." It's amazing how Uncharted is inspiring games across genres.

Imalwaysright2655d ago

I have both games and i dont see any similarities between them.

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