10 Insanely Awesome Video Game Speed Runs

WC - Video games: how do you beat yours? When I play, I like to take my sweet time. I like to search every nook and cranny for collectibles, speak to every NPC, beat every challenge and, where I can (be bothered), unlock as many achievements as possible along the way.

But that’s just me. Did you know that there’s a whole community of gamers out there who are dedicated to completing the video game perfect speed run. Just for those of you not familiar with the concept (for those of you who are, please bear with me) speed runs involve the player basically beating either a level or an entire video game in the fastest time possible; sometimes using glitches, some times not, dependent on the game.

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garos822754d ago

Wow that super Mario 3 speed run is insane especially from 2:30 onwards

caseh2754d ago

A lot of speed runs are quite deceptive in what they are but impressive all the same.

Check (Tool Assisted Speedruns)

Some seriously insane speedruns right there lol.

insomnium22754d ago

SMB3 speedrun is epic as hell.