11 Immersion Shattering Moments in Gaming

GR - "Sometimes video games have features that just don’t make any sense because of how easily they can be abused."

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kamper2219d ago

Saint’s Row... haha.. how I miss that game :)

beerkeg2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Lol, the Morrowind and Red Dead vids were great.


brish2219d ago

How could they not include any Skyrim footage?

Dragons flying backwards, mammoths falling from the sky, getting hit with a giants club and becoming an astronaut!

If each slide showed a different Skyrim glitch they could of had a lot more slides than 11 with Skyrim.

MattyG2219d ago

That Moonbase Alpha one killed me. Snake? Snake? Snacky.

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