Looking at the morality of getting games early

The article takes a non-professional look at whether or not getting games early is morally right. Among other things, it touches upon utilitarian beliefs, cost vs. benefit, and street-dates.

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AO1JMM2656d ago

I thought the same thing.

What does morality have to do with it?

-GametimeUK-2657d ago

I don't care if people play games early. Big whoop. I never even gave it 2nd thought. As for pirating I have to say that I would never do it, but don't care if other decide they want to pirate a game. There are worse things happening in the world than for example someone getting Resident Evil 6 early. Capcom basically are robbing people of content on a disc anyway.

I will support my games with my own money, but if someone wants to pirate a game I don't really care. Its only a game.

Soldierone2657d ago

If a game is good, then I feel bad when people pirate it. If its a standard COD wannabe, a game with half its content listed as DLC, or a yearly title already making millions then I don't really care.

When you are forcing people to spend over 100 dollars for a full game, you are asking for this to happen.

extermin8or2657d ago

Wtf Ipreordered black ops 2, it cam early; so what? I didn't get it illegally; I didsteal it in anyway etc i paid; how can there be anyn't moraility to it; and seeing as had it come on time i would have been able to play it till thursday i haven't actually gained any real adavantage over anyone else have I?

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