The Story Behind Ragnarok Tactics’ Localization

Earlier this week, Mike Engler from Aksys shared strategies to get players started with Ragnarok Tactics. He’s back to talk about the game’s characters and the localization process.

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Myst-Vearn2170d ago

Aksys are awesome!

and NISA too. Keep the JRPGs coming please

byeGollum2170d ago

I really like the art style for Ragnarok Tactics. . .

tubers2169d ago

The 2D character renditions off-gameplay are wonderful.. I wish they just used sprites for the in-game battles.

belac092170d ago

its a fun game, i play it a LOT! once you get to about ch. 8 the customization get really fun.

spok222170d ago

lol belac09 u sure your not talking bout ragnarok odyssey? I agree though great game.

Zephyrus342170d ago

Omg, Ragnarok Tactics?!! I need to get a PSP now holy shizzz....

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