17 Video Game Characters Who Could Lead America

All of the presidential election talk that has come and gone over this past week or so has got me thinking: What if, in a perfect world, we could have video game characters enter into our reality to take on the leadership roles of the U.S.A.? I believe there are 17 men and women (President, VP and Cabinet Members) who could come together and lead us to brighter pastures.

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hennessey863038d ago

Would be an awesome president, with Vice President Shepard.

ShinraE53037d ago

Although I respect the chief's combat expertise, something about his general demeanor and overall skill set didn't lead me to think him best for one of these spots =)

knowyourstuff3037d ago

lol yeah, Duke Nukem in charge of Veteran Affairs... because nothing fixes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and losing all your limbs and part of your sanity like spending all day at a strip club lol

ShinraE53037d ago

@knowyourstuff - haha ! Made me laugh out loud. And yea, he may not be the go to go for the PTSD and all. But I think he would help the troops morale with his plans.

RivetCityGhoul3037d ago

mr Moriarty from fallout 3 perfect president right there lol

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Colin Moriarty? Isn't that the guy that owns the hooker and the slave? o_o

MattyG3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Yeah, and owns the tavern. He's also a journalist for

Unztayble3037d ago

lol! cool list. I like it.

Hicken3037d ago

Nice article. Freakin Sandal.