Xbox, Nintendo & PlayStation to exhibit at Gadget Show Live Christmas

Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation will exhibit at Gadget Show Live Christmas with their largest ever public showing in the UK since 2004, featuring in the show’s Game Zone alongside Electronic Arts and retailers Game and Overclockers. The area will also host the adrenaline-packed Gaming Stage everyone from hardcore gamers to novice players can try out the very latest console and PC games, take on other gamers in challenges and compete in mass gaming sessions.

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profgerbik2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Gadget Show is my favorite tech show, seriously I have seen so much tech because of them and they always get it first.

I have watched literally every single one of their episodes and I hate how their TV channel restricts access to users in the U.S.

I think I might know why because they are the only show that will truly compare devices in the most reasonable way and show you what is the best thing to buy for your money.

I can see America hating any show that actually gives real information to it's consumers and helps them understand the products they are spending their money on or could potentially waste it on.

Funny cause they stopped airing here in the states a while ago and now it's restricted to the Europe only.

God I love the Gadget Show crew they are so awesome for what they do, the show is so informative, they actually go into great detail and they even compare devices with real head to head challenges.

Just the best tech show period, they have excellent convention shows also. So if you are able to go to one in your area, I would suggest you do, you won't regret it if you are a true techy.


LightSamus2660d ago

The Gadget Show was better when it consisted of Jason, Suzi, Jon, Ortis and Polly. Just Jason and Polly isn't the same.

stage882660d ago

Didn't even know they got rid of them. Wow that sucks.