EA put up $80K to buy Battlefield domain, owns all the way up to

Earlier this month Marchex announced it would be splitting into two companies, with Marchex becoming a pure play mobile advertising company and Archeo focusing on a premium domain and advertising marketplace. With the news came the announcement of the company’s top 500 domain sales, one of which included the sale of to Electronic Arts for $80,000 USD.

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Lockon2662d ago

Battlefield 9...Let me see if any of thos domains contain BFBC3 or 2143...

Cam9772662d ago

Oh dear... EA have found BF's udders, and they're full of milk - the same milk EA are aftef.

NeoTribe2662d ago

That's why you have no friends.

Trunkz Jr2662d ago

Damn I should of bought them many years ago and had EA pay me a fortune!

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