Watch the Spectacular Final Cutscene of Final Fantasy XIV

While thousands of Final Fantasy XIV players have struggled against disconnections and server congestion during the final two hours of the game, Square Enix just released the final, epic cutscene that concludes the game’s storyline.

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jc485732658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

this is why I hate MMORPGs. This could've just been FFXIV the RPG.

Abriael2658d ago

Your hate for MMORPGs is irrelevant. They have their place in this industry and a lot of people love them.

They also make possible a lot of things that single player RPGs can't, like forming bonds with other, real, people. And FFXIV created a whole lot of bonds and a great community.

There have been several offline Final Fantasy. Surely there's room for two online ones.

jc485732658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

yea, they should've dropped the XIV and just call it FF Online Realm Reborn.


It doesn't matter if it's a sequel. It's been wrong from the first day they decided to number the online series.

Abriael2658d ago

@jc48573: Why? It's a direct sequel of the FFXIV story. basiclaly it's FFXIV-2.

Players have been sent by Lousieaux in a statis between time and space (you see it at the end of the trailer), and will wake up five years later, as Eorzea has finally recovered from most of the destruction.

Irishguy952658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

While I agree with you Abriael, they shouldn't waste such quality on an Mmo. Mmo's have there place and are great additions to gaming, but...still. This shoulda went into a story based RPG not an mmo. Like The old republic...they shoulda made an MMo and Kotor 3 instead of TOR

Edit--- I really like what S-E did with FFXIV though, in the way that the world was ending or whatever, and the Forerunner looking sphere was coming towards Eorzea etc. It's a great way to release a new updated version of FFXIV

Caffo012658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

stop crying about the name...this is a final fantasy as much as was XI and all the others..and so it is numbered.
why is it wrong? explain.
you want the full collection? buy XI and XIV as well or shut up, complaining about a name is just stupid.

hkgamer2657d ago

Agreed. MMORPG's can do alot of things single player RPG's can't do.

Obviously you cannot have the usual unique final fantasy story telling but MMO's can have a decent enough story.

This game does look interesting, but i don't want to put 1000+ hours into another game anymore.


They could have done that, but it would confuse others in a way.

It also doesn't matter if it is a numbered series or not. Actually by having a number in the title sales would probably increase because its not a spin-off.

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Ranma12658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

SE's always been good at making cut scenes. Too bad there hardly as good at making good games...

Blackcanary2658d ago

Wow guess u never palyed Final Fantasy XI online which is still today an amazing game and hads loads people playing online.

ShoryukenII2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I agree, this cutscene was fantastic. It shows that SE still has it, Wada just doesn't know how to use it...

zgoldenlionz2658d ago

Both FF MMOs arE great games 14 just needed some tweaks and never should have been released when it did.

That was an awesome cutscene if I had kept up with the story I'm sure it be even better. I'm a little bummed I got my times mixed up I thought the event was ending tonight at midnight pst so I'm real happy to see the cutscene at least.

Hope everyone enjoyed it and are atleast a little excited for realm reborn, see you all in Eorzea!

darkziosj2657d ago

tweaks? it was almost unplayable at launch state! i hope they at least "try" to do something decent with this new launch

R6ex2657d ago

SE should make another movie.

upallnightgamer2657d ago

What do you call Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, arguably Final Fantasy XIII, Kingdom Hearts I and II, if not "good games"?

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Blasphemy2658d ago

The world is about to end and they are still fighting that was awesome! They should have done this on December 21st though!

Mounce2658d ago

I agree with everyone who's disagreeing with jc48573....

Why the fuck is it important whether or not SE names their own fucking property/game however the fuck they want? FF11 is an MMO, FF14 is an MMO. Why should anyone give a single fuck to your petty argument of whether or not only FF#'s should ONLY be 'RPGs' or 'JRPGs' ? It doesn't even god damn matter.

Do you bitch about such trivial things often? I certainly hope not. If you don't like that SE made an FF game an MMO instead of a game like FF1 to FF9 and then FF12 to FF13 then don't fucking buy it and move on. The end.

FACTUAL evidence2658d ago

That shit was so epic to me.

rdgneoz32657d ago

Yep, all things aside, that was an amazing cutscene.

Neckbear2658d ago

This looks far too cool to be a modern Final Fantasy game.

FamilyGuy2657d ago

Wtf is wrong with all you people? Complaining that this looks too good to be an MMO? There's TONS of offline FF RPGs and even more coming, what"s the problem? Why not just be thankful that this one is at least (finally) coming to PS3?

It's a great looking game and there's no reason not to at least give it a try, even if you're not into MMO or against paying a subscription you could at least try it off temporarily.

The complaints are so pointless, SE makes way too much on these to not make them and there's no reason to make them of a lower quality just so people can claim the offline titles to be better. They need to be up to date in quality just like any other new game.

Get over the title, it's a final fantasy game, they all have numbers.

MEsoJD2657d ago

Final Fantasy usually has great CGI cut scenes and this is no different.

hkgamer2657d ago

Especially love the art style.

Imagine a FF game with skyrim type gameplay. A shame FF Fortress was cancelled.

Daver2657d ago

The only good thing that is coming out from this company. Very well made cutscene.

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Ryan_Hay2658d ago

God damn that was epic! Didn't think anything of the game before, but, now i'm pumped as hell!

HarryMasonHerpderp2658d ago

You shouldn't get excited for the game based on a CGI trailer dude.
Especially from square enix this gen.
You're setting yourself up for a huge disappointment.

Blackcanary2658d ago

Just so you know the dev team that made FFXIV was moved to FFXI and the de team that made FFXI amazing was taken off to remake FFXIV a realm reborn so it will be amazing.

Old McGroin2658d ago

Have to agree Ryan, epic cutscene alright! If and when the next game is released on the PS3 and IF it gets a properly transformed in to a good game I might actually be tempted.

bobbyluv2658d ago

That was an amazing trailer.

vikingland12658d ago

When does this come out for PS3?

Capt-FuzzyPants2658d ago

Same day it comes out for PC. Which is sometime in early 2013 unless they run into issues in the beta. I don't think they'll rush this one, because if this bombs again it'll just be sad.

belac092658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

WOW! the music! the animation, that was siiiiiiiiiick!!! i am as mad at square as the next FF, fan but one thing they know how to do is make an amazing cg animation. that was EPIC!! And if anyone knows the name of that song PLEASE let me know!

Blasphemy2658d ago

The song is called Answers by Susan Calloway.