Wii U: Nintendo’s Digital Strategy Isn’t Convincing Enough

GenGAME writes: "I was really pulling for Nintendo to convince me to go digital with Wii U. I laid out a bunch of proposals in one of my previous Countdown to Wii U articles, “Essentials for a Competitive eShop,” including a strong account system that ensures we’ll never have to re-buy content, a competitive pricing model for digital games, and a wider embrace of legacy titles.

"Based on what Nintendo’s confirmed about the eShop in recent weeks, however, the company’s strategy is so far 0-for-3."

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PopRocks3592655d ago

Huh. A cynical Wii U article of which I can kind of understand the viewpoint.

I wasn't aware that Nintendo confirmed games that you download are basically mapped to the system. I really thought that was going to be over and done with. Hopefully if you have to migrate your Nintendo ID they'll let you transfer/redownload your games though.

FACTUAL evidence2655d ago

Everyone has their own opinion on things like this. I agree at an extent, but you gotta look at it like this. Manufacturers have to pay for the game to be printed out, so if they print out these games, and the digital copy is say 50$, company still loses out if it's at a cheaper price.

Not everyone has internet to download, but A LOT of people has been online recently in the pasty couple of years. Mostly everyone will be trying to buy the game online to save money, and then pretty much that would give these devs the reason to go Digital only what we all don't want to happen.

tweet752655d ago

i wish nintendo would do like sony. Let you access your downloable games on more than one system. I understand they want to block borrowing of games to create more purchases. But it feels to stiffling. It prevented me from buying a second wii. If I knew I could play all the games I own on both wiis without buying them again I would have.

Toman852655d ago

This article isn't convincing enough! Gonna get Wii U when it comes to Europe on 30th november!!

sdozzo2655d ago

Buying digital is lose lose. I don't care what people say. You can't resell or buy used. The amount you save via the digital buy does not pay off on the back end.

Chevalier2655d ago

I agree, I understand that a lot of people like digital downloads only. I do download games, but, only because they're not available on disc. I like to lend my games and borrow my friends games. Can you imagine your friends coming over and you're like we should have a Tekken Tag 2 tournament! Yeah we just got to download 7.5 gb..... that'll take till tomorrow.

sdozzo2654d ago

Absolutely. Downloading is fun and easy... too bad there is no other option once you're done with a game.

Realplaya2655d ago

I do't lame them from blocking you from sharing hell that's like burning your fried a copy the developer gets nothing so it's not only for nintendos interest. Also How can they be 0 for 3 when your plan wasn't theres?
The writer doesn't have full details of the e shop but he seems to work for nintendo.

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