OXCGN’s The Unfinished Swan PSN Review: Splat, Splat, Splat


"You may have noticed over the last few years that the Playstation 3 is home to some really special download-only exclusives.

Journey, Flower and Sound Shapes are included in this list. You may hear the layman describe these of as ‘artsy’ games, but I prefer to label them as ‘beautiful’ and ‘unique’.

The Unfinished Swan effortlessly ticks both those boxes and can stand proudly next to the likes of Journey in flying the flag for incredible PS3 exclusives."

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BadCircuit2654d ago

I love that these are made, but they really rely on word of mouth don't they? I never really hear of them otherwise.

gaminoz2654d ago

This really seems like an interesting concept.

The 'hiding in imagination' idea reminds me of Papa Y Yo

IRetrouk2653d ago

The games great. Very diffrent. Very short story but there is a little bit of replayability.