What The New 'Grand Theft Auto V' Screenshot Says About Video Game Journalism

Forbes - Video game writers wear many hats, making the discussion of what video game journalism is a difficult one.

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-Mezzo-2662d ago

Hey, i made it to the Forbes, look at the submitter of the first 2 stories. LOL

MidnytRain2662d ago

You'll never fill Bloodmask's shoes.

mushroomwig2662d ago

No offense but so what? If it wasn't you then somebody else would have.

KwietStorm2662d ago

I don't think he really took it as an acclamation ...

TenSteps2661d ago

I don't care at all really, I'm pretty sure most people don't either. But good for you I guess.

-Mezzo-2661d ago

The purpose of that comment has already been served, i mean look at the Degree's.

TenSteps2661d ago

Hence I mentioned good for you.

Prcko2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

gta all the way

-Mika-2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Sigh..., this site appears on and one of the top articles is that stupid bikini article. It just embarrassing and it further stereotype that gamers are basement dwellers.

You guys on here need to stop. Like enough is enough. It really pathetic that articles showing a women breast or body in a preview pic automatically becomes top news. There are alot of well written opinion-pieces that should be top news. Not crap like that.

Like im honestly sick of it. Im going on the official n4g forums and im going to write a complaint about this because this is just ridiculous. I hope a mod or admin realize how tasteless those articles are and ban them from this site.

MidnytRain2662d ago

Sorry, bro. I respond to these types of comments a lot. The same complaints have been running for years, and whoever is supposed to be addressing them isn't. Traffic is traffic, I guess. :/

Pushagree2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

You are not the first to complain about "NSFW" articles going to to the top of the page and you won't be the last. The owners of this site really don't care about integrity when it comes to their content, they let all the flamebait and softcore porn come through because they know it gets hits, thus generating more ad revenue.

Mounce2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Mika, no matter how sexist or ignorant you are. You have to understand psychology before you begin the trash-talking over men, internet users or implying for you to love a fucking female shape/body or chest that you must be a pathetic basement dweller or somehing




TV commercials do it all the time, sports use it all the time, it's Everywhere in North America as a whole and isn't limited to the bloody internet. Only difference is you're not given the statistics of 'How many men are watching this show only because something sensual lured them here' and hell. By all fucking means, I have a good few pansexual and lesbian friends online and in real life, each time THEY see breasts or a good body on a woman, THEY stop to pause and drool TOO.

Your ignorance is the only problem here. Everything else is natural human instinct. Be sick of it and bitch about it somewhere else. Like, honestly? You're going to write a complaint based on what becomes popular via how many is interested in what? People enjoy something at a majority and have a different taste than you? Get over yourself, the world doesn't revolve around you or your own particular desires or likes. If majority of users here like GTA5, Halo 4, Borderlands 2 and breasts, let them fucking have it as it comes by. -SIGHHHH-

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