Frobisher Says! — Check Out Why You Have To Check This Free Vita Game [Game Rumble]

Game Rumble: This free 556 MB download game from the PS Vita PlayStation Store came out last October 23rd. We have two words to describe it — crazy — awesome.

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Chapulin2165d ago

It's actually pretty fun.

G20WLY2165d ago

Sure is! One of those games that you think looks dumb, but when you get over yourself it's actually a right laugh! Plus, anyone can play and understand it, even toddlers/oldies.

The fact that it's free doesn't hurt either!

andibandit2164d ago

havent tried it, but it looks a bit too hardcore for me.

G20WLY2164d ago

@bandit AHAHAhaaaaa..oh..teehe..hohoha haHAAAA!!

Man, you're 'humour' gets me every time /s


HarryMasonHerpderp2164d ago

Awesome game but do not play in a public place =)
you look like you're insane lol

r212165d ago

Yes, it is indeed crazy and awesome for a free game :D

YoungKingDoran2165d ago

I like it alot except for the "show me this colour" minigame. i usually dont have any vibrant colours in my bedroom.

SmokexFFx2165d ago

"Frobisher says!"...
"I'm finished my bath now!",
"Scratch my back!",
"Pilot the mega-copter!"...

Cirran2165d ago

I love using your eyes to make the people dance. That always makes me laugh.

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