Digital Wii U Games Can't Be Played On SD Cards

Here’s some bad news for some Wii U owners. Sadly Nintendo has revealed that Wii U owners won’t be able to save their digital titles on SD Cards.

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Kalowest2666d ago

"Sadly Nintendo has revealed that Wii U owners won’t be able to save their digital titles on SD Cards"
That makes sense

-Mika-2666d ago

Not really. I can store my digital titles on my 3ds and my vita sd cards. Why can't I do that here. I don't like that Nintendo forcing you to use an external HDD. It just not fair.

I hope when this thing eventually gets hacked. The hackers find a way to disable this option.

guitarded772666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Wishing it gets hacked is not gonna win you many agrees among most gamers. Legit gamers have dealt with more BS from hackers than anyone.

On Topic: As long as I can store the games on an external hard drive I guess I won't complain. But SD storage would be nice. I plan on getting a second Wii U for the living room eventually, and it would just be a nice feature. I better be able to download my games to 2 consoles though.

dark-hollow2666d ago

Why would you want to store 9G-25G games on a small sd card.instead of a HDD?

DarkBlood2666d ago


depends if they dont do a limit though or some sort of validation if you dont plan on playing on the same account at one given time then you should be ok

guitarded772666d ago

@ dark-hollow

I wouldn't, but it would be a nice feature. More features is more gooder. :)

@ DarkBlood

I understand, I'm not badmouthing Nintendo's decision, just stating an opinion. I have 2 XBOX's and 2 PS3's because sometimes I game at my desk, and sometimes in the living room. I just want to have the same options with the Wii U eventually. If there is a cloud save feature like the other consoles, then there is absolutely no need for the SD cards.

Thepcz2666d ago


no wonder you have 1 bubble, troll

Venox20082665d ago

you know, external HDD's are cheaper and larger :)

metroid322665d ago

Try wiiu games are too big too use sd cards 3ds games not so its not a technical limitation.

yabhero2665d ago

I know your a troll but I'll explain part of it to you. WiiU the fastest disc reading speed of any console ever... yes it's faster than PS3's bluray. More than 2x faster. So shorter loading times. The SD Card is ridiculously slow... so the game will load slowly. Gamelord08 says it perfectly "They'll (SD Cards) only be useful for transfer data, DLC, game saves and the like."
For a handheld like the 3DS (Which I doubt you own) the games are smaller (4-8GB) so the read rate can still load a sufficient part of the game.

Theyellowflash302665d ago

You can store digital titles on SD cards on the Vita? Really where did you get yours?

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DarkBlood2666d ago

@Kalowest true i wonder why though oh well i was always going to consider a harddrive but i dont plan on getting digital wiiu games and all that digital only games seem to work on sd cards so far as it is permitted hopfully that stays the way it is for the wiiu

raiden-492666d ago

The SD card has been used to hack the Wii time and time again but now Nintendo are fed up with this and I can't blame them they have been targets of hacks for a long time and its about time they fought back!!

Kalowest2666d ago

Nintendo still isn't good at "digital titles" and a SD Card can be easily hack( you can give the games to friends). The reason I said "That makes sense" is because, I just see them as playing it safe. Nintendo can do I patch later on to remove it.

It's similar to the locked saves on PS3

SilentNegotiator2666d ago

....aaaaaaaand the fact that it should have had a normal HDD is that much more evident.

deafdani2666d ago

Nah, allowing users to plug any external hard drive they want is the best option. Nintendo did well by taking that route.

PopRocks3592665d ago

It does have one. You just need to buy one. Of any size. At any price. In that regard, where's the problem?

SilentNegotiator2665d ago

Yeah, because who would have a problem with their system having a tumor attached to it?

It has already decided not to have a standard substantial size HDD built in. And that proved an issue with several games on the 360.

deafdani2664d ago

So, an external hard drive is a tumor, now? Way to exaggerate, lol.

Lemme put it this way: if the Wii U already included a, say, 320 GB internal HD, it would've ramped the cost of the console unnecessarily, because there will be A LOT of casual gamers that won't take full advantage of said space. Heck, there's a good chance a lot of Wii U buyers won't even fill the 8 GB space of the basic model, much less the 32 GB space of the Deluxe bundle.

For those of us who will fill it up in no time, we can just plug any external HDD, which will come way cheaper to buy than the added cost on a integrated HD in the console. External USB hard drives are dirt cheap, now, and also there's a lot of people who already have one lying around. I have one 500 GB one that will fit me perfectly.

Imagine if the WIi U had the internal 320 GB HDD, and it cost $450, instead of the $350 it does today. Do you really prefer to pay $100 more for the integrated space, when you could buy a 300 or 500 GB drive for about $50?

And they're small, to boot, so hiding it behind the console won't be hard at all.

In Microsoft's case, it was different, because you needed to buy a propietary hard drive, and they're expensive as hell.

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SpiralTear2666d ago

I can see this being a issue, but external hard drives are quite cheap these days. Also, I expect a majority of the Wii U owners who really invest their digital memory space in downloads will already be tech-savvy enough to have an external hard drive.


now this is wearied on 3ds it stores games on the SD card but don't know how small the internal memory I mean in KB/MB/GB not in blocks rubbish well thank god Sony and Microsoft make it very clear lol

YoungPlex2666d ago

I couldn't save my downloaded titles on an SD card on my Wii for a while if I recall correctly; also, I know for a fact that, once I was able to save the content onto the SD card, I wasn't able to play the content directly off of the card, until they had an update several months down the road. This will be no different! Updates are a beautiful thing that can sole problems and mistakes that were made in the past. I don't get how some people act like it's Armageddon when they hear these announcements.

When I first got my 360, I wasn't able to use the USB port with my jump-drive (OMG it's the END), but now I'm able to use up to 32gigs on my 360 if I have to transfer any content from one Xbox to another. All this petty nitpicking is ridiculous. The Wii U will no doubt have its flaws out the box, but will constantly be getting updates to improve accessibility and functionality.

AWBrawler2666d ago

I'll have a TB harddrive plugged in, so irrelevant

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