Nine famous Xbox 360 characters who used to look totally different

OXM - You know Chinese Whispers? Well, that's a crude but useful way of summarising how game concepts buckle, evolve and sometimes devolve in the course of development. A junior designer chained to a desk in a basement somewhere says "hallucinogenic platform game with Hidden Object elements, written entirely in Old English", and some months later, a smiling executive turns and bellows "Medal of Honor: Warfighter".

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prototypeknuckles2258d ago

altair was a woman, wow how things change i knew assassins creed was supposed to be a prince of persia game, but i didnt know altair was a woman, thats badass.

ShinMaster2258d ago

And you can play as a badass female in Assassin's Creed Liberation now.

ThanatosDMC2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Weird... I didnt see a single one of those "Xbox 360 characters". I got trolled???

ShinMaster2258d ago

Indeed. They're all multiplatform.

Swiftcricket2257d ago

Yeah even if you counted consoles only, only 1 wasn't multiplatform lol.

InsaneChronos2258d ago

Pyramid Head is a X360 character... Wait, what?

Pozzle2258d ago

I think most of the Bayonetta concept arts look better than the final design, tbh.

jc485732258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

I'm glad they stuck with the final design. Not saying they are not good, but I feel like there's too much going on especially with the clothes. I still prefer how the other artist expressed "elegance" with exaggerated proportions as you don't see that often in video games. When you compare the art concept and the final game simply shows how Wesley Burt just missed the point. I just feel we wouldn't be playing Bayonetta if any of the characters was picked, but more like Blades of Time. I've seen those kind characters in many other games, but a character like Bayonetta (final design) is a little unusual.

TheRealSpy2258d ago

I would have been fine with the one on the left in the second pic. The final outcome was fine with me though. i kinda want to play it again.

KangarooSam2258d ago

I would totally tap that Altair ass.

But on a serious note, I honestly can say I prefer all of the final character designs. Perhaps that's just from being used to them, though.

TheRealSpy2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Looks like a young boy, dude.

Maybe like a young, demonic boy; but still definitely doesn't look like a chic, let alone an attractive one.

KangarooSam2258d ago

Good thing I was completely serious...

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