Halo 4 Disses PC, Watch Dogs' Release Year - Nick's Gaming View Episode #98

"Coming up today on Nick's Gaming View, Halo 4 unlikely to touch the PC, Watch Dogs' release year confirmed, and Capcom makes huge statement in regards to plan for hiring, THIS IS NICK'S GAMING VIEW!"

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That settles it, Im getting halo 4 today and hitman for pc.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Watch dogs on pc disses console version? looks like it.

I can do without halo. Also I would never get xbox for 3 aaa xbox franchise.

Alan wake is nice on pc though.
Fable 3 meh.

Sp1d3ynut2657d ago

What moron was holding out hope HALO 4 would come to PC?

wallis2657d ago

To be fair platform exclusives with Microsoft are a confusing affair. Look at fable and gears of war for example - and there were a bunch of rumours floating around.

Although to be fair, not really interested. First one was great but the others were a major let down for me. Just kinda hoped to see exclusivity die a miserable death like it should - that should do something to silence the fanboys. Not to mention the childish attempts by publishers to create their own mini-markets that can't be accessed by other companies.

DeadlyFire2657d ago

True. The rumors were most likely true. Microsoft likely said they didn't want it published on PC and canned any projects that were going that way.

With Agawi, XBL, and whatnot aimed at Windows 8. It could be possible in the future to see them come to PC, but in some closed in limited form most likely on Microsoft exclusive cloud setup with Windows 8. Only way I see it.

dirthurts2657d ago

I would play Halo 4 if it hit pc, otherwise I'm not too concerned.
Watchdogs, yes sir. Can't wait for that one.

The_Nameless_One2657d ago

Halo 4 for PC? Never going to happen.

The only reason Halo 2 was on OC was because MS wanted to sell more copies of Vista, period.

gamernova2657d ago

I am sure I speak for all pc gamers when I say who cares about halo 4 not being on PC. We never expected it anyway.

Allsystemgamer2657d ago

I'm a PC gamer first but halo 4 is amazing. I own it and can't put it down. I'd become fat if it were on PC :/

Th3 Chr0nic2657d ago

.........would become fat

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