GTA 5: five things you won't see

OXM - Sequels aren't just about expanding the previous game's remit; they're also about clarifying things, cutting away the unnecessary so the necessary can shine. Grand Theft Auto 5 is said to be as large as Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV and GTA: San Andreas combined, but it doesn't follow that everything you encountered in Liberty City is present and correct. Here are a few things that haven't made the final cut.

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TheModernKamikaze2661d ago

Property buying wasn't that good in San Andreas, granted, it gave you somewhere near where you can save, but the houses were just like the same, in the interior mostly.

NukaCola2661d ago

Im pretty sure there will be garages and/or other places to save and store stuff.

I do hope for more interior settings. GTA IV was a dead boring city with little open doors and more yellow circles and cutscenes than exploration.

Read Dead really did us a solid by making the world so much more open and I hope that GTA V does the same.

ThichQuangDuck2660d ago

Saving was the whole point of houses to me, I could care less about the interior.

unchartedxplorer2661d ago

Hopefully we won't have Roman Bellic calling "EY CUZIN WANT 2 GO OUT?"

caseh2661d ago

5 things I wish I didn't have to see:

1: 5 reasons why GTA5 will be innovative
2: 5 reasons why GTA5 will be the worst GTA ever
3: 5 reasons why GTA5 will be the best GTA ever
4: 5 reasons why GTA5 is unlike any other GTA

and last but not least

5: 5 things you wont see...

Honestly, who gives a toss

iamnsuperman2661d ago

No children. I understand why they don't include children in the game as it is ammunition for anti-gaming movements but it is a bit weird to have a world with no children