GTA 5 details: six reasons it's unlike any GTA ever made

OXM - Like a hairy tramp whipping open an ominous trenchcoat, Grand Theft Auto 5 exposed its inner workings to the world yesterday. Game Informer has the first full preview of Rockstar's final Grand Theft Auto game for Xbox 360 (and quite possibly its first for Xbox 720) - here are some key takeaways from the digital edition, including commentary by Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser, which immediately set the game apart from its predecessors.

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claud32657d ago

More of the see again...

Elderly_Cynic2656d ago

House on morning balloon.

Look... I can string random words together too!

HappyGaming2655d ago

Claud meant "More of the same" because there are a bunch of articles along the lines of:
5 reasons why GTA V will suck
5 reasons why GTA V will be awesome
5 reasons why GTA V will not live to expectations
4 reasons why GTA V will be GOTY

So many pointless articles, half of which are attacking the game before we even know anything about it for the sake of hits.

Unztayble2656d ago

powdered rain in the attic...


maelstromb2656d ago

Dan Houser? Yeaahhh..his hype will be taken with a grain of salt.

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