Where Should The Next 'Assassin's Creed' Take Place?

MTV Multiplayer - If you've been imagining the setting for the next "Assassin's Creed" title, you can cross feudal Japan off your list. Ditto World War II, or ancient Egypt. Back in April, the game's Creative Director Alex Hutchinson nixed these Internet favorite locales as possibly the worst ideas for locales to setting a chapter in the long-running battle between the Templars and Assassins.

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Knight_Crawler2665d ago

New York City... because not enough came are made that feature NYC -__-

TheModernKamikaze2665d ago

Crysis 2, GTA IV, Modern Warfare 3, and so on.
Could name more but my minds not up for it.

rpd1232665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

He was being sarcastic.

Anyways, all of these are too far into the future. There'd be guns out the ass and that'd suck.

I think that they could take it to Napoleonic France, which had a lot of guns but it was still pretty basic like the Revolution. War of 1812 would be good if they wanted to continue with Connor.

wastedcells2665d ago

Assassins creed 3 is based partially in new York lol

Jinkies2665d ago

I want to play as Adam and see how him and Eve rebeled against the ones who came before. Exploring Eden would be amazing and think of the tec that could be included as weapons.

It would allow us to see how the hidden blade came about for example

versusALL2665d ago

Uh the hidden blade was made by the assassins.

Jinkies2665d ago

Which basicaly Adam was the first one....a hybrid between a human and those who came before. It never actualy states that Altair in the middle ages were the first to use them, they could of gotten them from people even before him and the creed.

Nimblest-Assassin2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I have a theory.

Altair, Ezio, Connor and Desmond are all descendants of Adam... However, in ACB Eve was brought up. However Desmond never finds her

My theory is you play the next games as eves descendants.

Adam stops the solar flares, and eve will stop Juno. This could be why Juno told Desmond to find eve, so she can kill them both, thus she has no obstacles

Aveline is a descendant of eve.

My best guess for the next game is imperial china, and the game will follow shao jun, the assassin from AC embers that Ezio trained

She will liberate china from tyranny, also Ezio gave her something, but we do not know what it is

Ac3 was like Ac1... Had great ideas but the execution could be better. Ac4 hopefully will be like ac2 and refine everything introduced in ac3

versusALL2665d ago

I think it should be set somewhere in the 1900s of either China, Japan, or Russia. I find both that era in history and those countries very intersting.

DragonKnight2665d ago

Your opinion of course, but I personally don't want the series to keep advancing forward in time because that will mean more and more inclusion of guns as a main weapon. China is a good setting, but I'd love it to be way back. Like when China was being formed by Qin Chi Huangdi. Or when Genghis Kahn attacked it.

Russia might be ok I suppose. Not many games with it as a setting.

TekoIie2665d ago

I would like them to follow the character in AC: Embers

I cant remember her name but I think she was Chinese! Either way its a very different environment compared to where we've already been and they have a character to build on so why not?

AC in china anyone?

Simon_Brezhnev2665d ago

I want to see it set in China too. I want it doing the Warring States. The time period after the Three Kingdoms.

Nimblest-Assassin2665d ago

Her name was shao jun and I think the next game will follow her

Xof2665d ago

French Revolution. It would play very well next to AC3, considering it could feature many of the same themes, and it would fit perfectly into Connor's timeline. What's he going to do after AC3? Meet Napoleon, of course!

DragonKnight2665d ago

French Revolution is boring, plus why would the series need to keep advancing forward? With the series as it is now, it was advancing forward due to Desmond's need to save the world, but why keep going afterwards?

Xof2665d ago

The French Revolution, boring?

Way to parade your ignorance, pal. There's no such thing as boring history. Have you ever heard of Waterloo? Of the Napoleonic wars? BORING?

Imagine the Earth. The whole planet. It's pretty ****ing big, right? No imagine it was made out of pure disdain. More than that, ten thousand times more than that is the disdain I hold your you and that idiotic comment.

Canary2665d ago

Let me translate that for you: "I know jack **** about history, and lack the basic creative abilities to even comprehend how a sequel to Assassin's Creed 3 might be written."

You're welcome.

DragonKnight2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

@XoF and Canary: Thank you for displaying your intelligence by assuming you know anything about a person online based on 5 words, as well as showing your knowledge about the Assassin's Creed series in general. I'm not interested in giving you an in-depth history lesson on exactly what I know about the French Revolution (given that I am Canadian, spent most of my childhood education in bilingual schooling, and have had to learn about the period more than once) because it would serve no purpose to do so. I will instead point you in the direction of other historical revolutions that are FAR more interesting than the French Revolution and suggest you broaden your horizons beyond your own opinion. The Napoleonic Wars might make for a good setting, as they are the most exciting aspect of that period, but by and large the French Revolution is just more of the same stuff from AC3.

And given that Assassin's Creed 3 has been slated as being the LAST of a trilogy, explain why there would be a sequel to the ending of a trilogy? Why there would be a need to continue an ended story? Exactly, there is no need.

I will forgo the personal attack route you've chosen to take and simply state that you should both learn to relax. Opinions aren't going to kill you, they aren't going to try and rape your family members, and they can coexist in this vast world where everybody has one.

Imagine a world where we didn't have to play games with obvious extended settings and themes. You may not be able to conceive of such a place in your bland, boring, and repetitive inner worlds, but such a place does actually exist. In it, people actually want to move forward from a game with a Revolution setting to a game that doesn't have another Revolution setting. I know, I know, it's a radical concept, but it is real. Mull it over and see where you went wrong. Good day boys.

**EDIT** I'd say a much better setting than another Revolution setting would be Alexander The Great's Conquests. Much more interesting than another Revolution setting.

iamnsuperman2665d ago

@dragon knight "And given that Assassin's Creed 3 has been slated as being the LAST of a trilogy, explain why there would be a sequel to the ending of a trilogy? Why there would be a need to continue an ended story? Exactly, there is no need."

Well not really. That was the Desmond trilogy (I know five games but shush). So there will no Desmond (yay) but AC3 does set up future games with its ending

I think the French revolution would be a great time period for the AC. Also your Alexander the Great idea could work (only downside I see is less major cities and more open world which for me doesn't suit the AC universe)

I also think industrial revolution in England would suit the series quite well. Everyone says Japan but I do not know enough about it

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Orionsangel2665d ago

The Civil war or 1920s NY.

Summons752665d ago

Civil War would be very interesting, especially seeing as how hardly any games touch upon it. Prohibition era could be a good setting too. Dark, gritty and the Assassin's could be on the bootleggers side.

TheDivine2665d ago

Civil War has to be done at some point. Abraham Lincoln needs to be in a game but not next as it would feel too samey after the American Revolution. Id like Moscow just for the distinct buildings not to mention the intersting history. I think they need to pick citys by a few things. Good distinct iconic buildings and landmarks (collusseum, vatican, eiffel tower, statue of liberty exc). Pivotal moments in history (revolutionary war, crusades exc). Lastly there needs to be a good historical figure (ben frnaklin, washington, devinci exc). Cool environments like Aztec/Egyptian pyraminds are cool but what else would there be? China has potential but all those Ninja games have done asian themes. Maybe India during British rule could work. Nepal with the Dhali Lama or Britian during the industrial revolution. Many possibilities.

I would want to see an eventual ww2 game. Paris during the war, Berlin, anything from europe would work. I know ww2 is played out but it would be best in a MGS or AC game.

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