Halo 4 Free For All multiplayer mode coming soon with playlist update

XMNR: 343 Industries confirmed Friday the first Halo 4 playlist update for next week that is bringing SWAT along with it. Free For All has now been confirmed as well for a future playlist update.

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aviator1892664d ago

First swat, and then this.

Now, only snipers and mult-team need to make a return. Then, I think the mp will be complete for me.

DarkBlood2664d ago

the free for all is like the slayer with no teams right?

Chuk52664d ago

IMO, Regicide is better anyway.

aviator1892663d ago

I think some people might be put off due to the highly competitive and attracting nature of that playlist. It's really fun though.

inf3cted12663d ago

How is randomness better?

I can own any other noobs but if they kill me with a high bounty he will almost catch me up. Its a noob gametype. I want something that doesnt help the others getting fast points.

spicelicka2663d ago

It's not randomness or "nooby", the waypoint just keeps it fast paced and poses a challenge for the top player.

It also regulates the action expertly, everyone sub-consciously wants to go to the waypoint so camping becomes redundant, and its not just giving the players easy kills because going after the leader they have to be careful of other players coming there too, or a third player can pop out and take them both out.

I've done that many times where i get close the leader but don't go after him, I wait for someone to fight him and join the battle mid-way when they're both weak. It's tactical, not nooby because a fourth player can just as easily come and kill me.

OneAboveAll2664d ago

Add Grifball to that list.

Shadonic2663d ago

i think it may be in thier just not announced yet im hopeing that in a future update they do allow for custom armors to be shown in flood and possibly disable radars.

TekoIie2663d ago

You can do custom griffball since there is a map for it on the game :)

pompombrum2663d ago

While new game modes are welcome, this game badly needs new maps. It's always the same three maps for Infinity Slayer and tbh, it's getting boring. There has to be good enough forge maps now to add to the list to keep things fun and interesting.

Queasy2663d ago

Really, I can't tell that it's the same three maps when Haven gets voted for every Infinity Slayer match and Ragnarok for every BTB match.

There are other maps to play Halo 4 owners!

DasTier2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Please just fix infection. Custom games gave 3 its long life, at the moment custom games is ruined due to flood giving awful edit ability.

animegamingnerd2663d ago

please 343 i loved playing custom infected games with my friends and was extremely disappointed and angry when i saw the options for the flood

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