The first 10 minutes: Project Sylpheed

First game published by Square Enix to be Xbox 360 exclusive, Project Sylpheed is a space 3d shooter that will without a doubt remind quite a few of the excellent Wing Commander series.

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beans5908d ago

It actually looks pretty nice!

Cyclonus5908d ago

But they REALLY need to get rid of like 80% of that HUD. It's just far too much cluterring up the screen.

Sexius Maximus5908d ago

WOW, PS3 gets that crappy Final Fantasy series, and the 360 gets this wonderful AAA shooter. (note sarcasm)
Screw Square, MS doesn't need your pity title anyway.

Sphinx5908d ago

...doesn't even look like it's rental worthy.

power of Green 5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

You are very wise. Square Enix is known for great graphics ect, how can such an experianced company be getting it's ass kicked by most of the other devs making 360 games. It's a Slap in the face with this BS. Americans are smarter than this and we will not jump with joy just because of Square Enix. It's almost a fictional message their trying tell to the public about the 360's capabilities. Although Squares skills are limited to the artoon Anime style. In the end Square Enix will be (((forced))) to change their game plan if they wan't to stand a chance on the 360 Lost Planet was made to apeal to AMER & JAP. Dragon Ball or HALO, nothing in-between will do well.

Sexius Maximus5908d ago

Square has it's share of quality titles, but Xbox1 did great without them. I'm a hardcore RPG guy, but Mass Effect and Fable2 will tower above anything Square can dish out. Who needs em'

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