Wii U Black Ops II Has Nuketown 2025 Pre-Order Bonus Pulled From Retailers

GR writes: "Nintendo has made a big statement by Wii U supporting Call of Duty: Black Ops II on launch day, but the removal of a key pre-order bonus might mar its release."

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ftwrthtx2656d ago

Makes me wonder why. Seems odd that they announced it but then never offered a retraction.

JonnyBigBoss2656d ago

I have a feeling it's come crunch time and they haven't had time to make sure the map is 100% OK for release. I expect a delay.

dbjj120882656d ago

That and Nintendo doesn't have their online sh** together.

dbjj120882656d ago

Welp. Back to the 360 version for me. I wanted to get Wii U version to play on the tablet but Nuketown is an excellent map.

Grimhammer002656d ago

It's painful obvious that ninny don't have their online fully worked out. I remember early October and Namco dev working on new smash bros wiiu....which is not a launch title; however....they said a month before launch and they still had zero communications on how online was going to work! Wtf?!

Ninny has said they are leaving online up to dev/publishers. So what does that mean? Well, MS & Sony pipe all data through their servers before sending data to your console. Sometimes EA and Origin are an extra step...and I'm uncertain how that works exactly. But, these online systems are paid infrastructure from these console makers...and it's optimized regularly.

Ninny basicly want to join the HD consoles but don't wanna join the mp game. They've said this much when asked if Ninny was going to compete with MS & Sony for online.

I think after things settle down that we'll see Ninny 1st part games will once again be the only mp gaming worth doing competitively online.

ronin4life2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Your information is pretty poor. Development of the SSB game started just this year; of course several features haven't been ironed out yet. And CoD and Monster Hunter 3U (a japanese launch title that Nintendo will provide servers for) are confirmed to have online play out the gate.

Just saw this(link below) story. I don't know if this means anything... it doesn't to me(never used the original xbla)


Skate-AK2656d ago

I think he just has games confused. I'm pretty sure I read them say that they have no idea of the online on Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Grimhammer002656d ago

So basicly each game is its own network...guess who is respondsible for maintaining and operating those networks? Yes, the dev. (Publisher)

Now...stop and consider this. If you are devoloping a game for 3 systems online. And one of them costs additionally more than the other 2.....

Skate-AK2656d ago

That also seems better in a way though. Sounds like it means all games will have dedicated servers which should mean a better quality of gameplay. Could be a system seller. We will just have to see.

jmc88882656d ago

They still have to pay for the servers on the 360, that's why EA shut down Bf2: Modern Combat.

If anything it gives them more freedom, and for people like EA allow them to hook Origin accounts in as well. From a developer standpoint it actually makes a lot of sense.

Grimhammer002656d ago

(Quoted from Neogaf) ....just more proof Ninny are just as greedy as every other console maker.

- Downloaded software can only be played on the Wii U it was originally bought from. Meaning if you download a game to an external HDD and try to use that HDD on another Wii U, it won't work. Correction: downloaded software is saved to the internal memory or what's in the USB slot. Downloaded software can't be saved to the SD card.


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The story is too old to be commented.