Ubisoft's Wii U plans include Uplay support, selling full retail games on eShop

Polygon:While Nintendo still hasn't fully detailed the workings of the Wii U's online network and store, speaking with Polygon earlier this week, the president of Ubisoft said his company plans to support both.

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XB1_PS42657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I think it should be a next gen industy standard to offer all games online the same day they are in stores.. I buy a lot of online games on steam, and I find myself wishing I didn't have to make a trip to gamestop everytime I wanted a new console game.

Kamikaze1352657d ago

So order them online from places like Amazon or Newegg.

bumnut2657d ago

Digital games can't be traded, thats one of the reasons they are so cheap on Steam. Origin has games at full retail price, im guessing uplay would be similar.

£39.99 for Fifa 13 is a rip, digital games are not worth full reatil price.

vortis2657d ago

Plus Ubisoft needs to make Uplay not suck.

It's cumbersome and DRM'y.

And WTF is up with Origin and their prices? I'd rather buy a physical copy of a game from GameStop that I OWN or can trade-in as opposed to paying full price for a digital copy on PC.

bumnut2656d ago

Can I have a bubble? I get lots of agrees but seem to be stuck on 2 since I said I don't like GT5 or COD!

millzy1022656d ago

download is only good for retro games and indie games (as they can't affored to publish and gives them best chance to make money) and these kind of games usually go for £10 or less so they would have very little resale value anyway. most retail games (on psn anyway) sell for more. example resi 6 in shops on physical media £39.99 psn download £59.99 why is it 20 pound more for a lesser product with no resale value. if they sold it £10 less than retail it would prob be worth it but I never buy full retail on download its simply not worth the money.