Star Wars: Battlefront going next-gen?

What Gamespot heard: Ever since the first Battlefront hit consoles in fall 2004, the series has proved a cash cow for its publisher, LucasArts. Mixing Battlefield-style combat with Star Wars lore, the first game was a hit on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2. It quickly blossomed into a full-fledged series, with a sequel proving popular on the same three platforms and the PlayStation Portable the following year.

Now, according to C&VG, the series is getting a third installment, courtesy of UK-based design house Free Radical. According to the site, the TimeSplitters developer, which recently inked a long-term deal with LucasArts, has been given the franchise. If true, the news basically all but signals the end of LucasArts' relationship with original Battlefront developer Pandemic, which is already shopping the sequel to Mercenaries to other publishers.

So where does the next-gen console part of the story come in? Well, since LucasArts' deal with Free Radical is for next-gen consoles, it stands to reason that, if the studio is working on Battlefront, it is making the game for a new platform. Which platform, exactly, you ask? That's unclear, but it's worth noting Free Radical did wow E3 goers with Haze, the futuristic first-person shooter it is developing for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC for Ubisoft.

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i own u5910d ago

i love star wars games and i hope the saga for games never ends.

Im still praying for a new Jedi Knight game and hopefully Force Unleashed can offer that!

ChickeyCantor5910d ago

*imagens starwars battles with lightsaber and wooshing sounds coming out of the Wii mote*

atleast thats what i would like XD


ASSASSYN 36o5910d ago

I am a starwars fan. I loved battlefront series on xbox-live and can`t wait to play it if it comes out on 360.

Optimus Prime5910d ago

yea this would be very cool. loved this for the xbox, if it comes out on the 360, must buy for me.

BigPimpin5910d ago

I love star wars games, especially KOTOR and KOTOR 2, but where's KOTOR 3? I think that game should be created because KOTOR 2 ended the game like there's still more to the story. Now, on the subject at hand, I think a next-gen Star Wars: Battlefront would be great for any console to have and if this is true, this is going to be a must-have also for me.

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