More impressions from opening night of the Nintendo Fusion Tour

GamingNexus has a second set of impressions up from the Fusion Tour's stop last week including some new information about the Wii mote's storage capability and the Wii Play game (on the second page of the report)

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ChickeyCantor6271d ago

uhmmmmm well yeah it sucks if you go somehwere and you dont got the chance to experience it like you wanted it.


Top 10 Bad Video Games That Were Successful

Wow, how did that make any money? Join WatchMojo as they count down their picks for the Top 10 Bad Video Games That Were Successful.

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25 Best Selling Video Games Of All Time – Ranked


The video game industry has been surpassing both movies and music in terms of annual revenue for years now, and as such it’s not really possible for people to dismiss gaming as a nerdy fad anymore without looking like a fool.

Games are big business, and with the release of each new AAA title, studios are no doubt desperate to latch onto something which connects with a large core of the general public.

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The Wii U is Officially Nintendo's Slowest Selling Console Ever

Since its 2012 launch, the Wii U has only sold 9.2 million units, according to its latest financial report. The Wii U isn’t just well behind the original Wii, it’s behind every single major Nintendo console to date. That includes the NES, SNES, N64 and even the low water-mark set by the Gamecube, previously considered to be Nintendo’s least successful console release.

Sincere01213229d ago

Wow these Nintendo haters are reaching.
Try changing the subject from sales to games and you find Wii U is leading the market.

After all a gaming console is for playing games not for analyzing sales.
If your more interested in sales then your better off getting a calculator than a gaming console.

Regardless of what Wii U sells, they are still making profit, you can't that about any other console manufacturer.

mushroomwig3229d ago

I love how you say mention the number of sales in games and then you say a gaming console isn't for analysing sales.

There's no need to get all defensive, it's not really "reaching", it's just an article stating a fact. Judging from your comment history it's not exactly difficult to see how much you love Nintendo, so much that it might just be blinding any rational thought you might have.

user55757083229d ago

its a shame the WiiU isn't selling well. it really does have some quality games

Yi-Long3229d ago

It has a very good line-up right now. Nobody is arguing anymore that the WiiU doesn't have games.

Sadly, in many other departments concerning the WiiU, mistakes have been made.

I'll probably be buying a WiiU this year for Xenoblade X and Zelda, but the reasons why I haven't already bought a WiiU, are many.

Region-blocking, outdated hardware (no FullHD tablet controller, no decent size HDD, and simply much too expensive software. Yeah the games are good and worth it, but other consoles also have great must-have games, and those ARE in the bargain-bin for 10-20 bucks after a year.

If I'm buying into a new console, you kinda look at value-for-money, and with the WiiU, when you add up the games you would want, it's just too expensive when those older games are still priced at 50 bucks or something (Pikmin, Wonderful 101, Zelda Windwaker, etc)

So for the price of 1 great WiiU game, I can also pick up 2-3 great PS3/360/PS4 games. At least.

Nintendo really has to rethink their pricing strategy when it wants to convince more gamers to invest in their console.

If games like Mario 3D World and Zelda would go down in price after 1-2 years, many more people would be seduced into buying a WiiU.

Gamer19823229d ago

Why oh why didn't Nintendo go for a more powerful machine?? I feel if they did so and lost the tablet it would be up there with ps4 and xbox right now. As it would too be able to stream etc.. Stuff people are really enjoying on their new consoles.

saviin3229d ago

Im not looking to start trouble but isnt ps4 software sales similar to Nintendo's so knowing most of Nintendo's software sales were 1st party and i think ps4 was sold for loss, that im just guessing. So isnt possibe Nintendo made more of a profit than sony.
Just like the gamecube still made profit even though it sold poorly. Wii u might do the same.

DarkZane3229d ago


Nice try, the PS4 isn't sold at a loss. In fact, they could drop the price to 349$ and still make a profit, but there is no point because it's selling a lot and winning.

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nevin13229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )


But what was your stance last gen when Wii sold the most hardware?

LOL_WUT3229d ago

They were all about sales last-gen, now sales don't matter and apparently neither does 3rd party support ;)

pcz3229d ago

its the slowest selling because its the worst

Canary3229d ago

Game-wise it's the best out of the three current-gen consoles. Feature-wise, too. Which is why it's such a tragedy that it's not selling well.

Locknuts3229d ago

Worse than the original Wii? Haha that thing was a serious POS. Sold like hotcakes though and I don't really understand why. Kind of like the PS4.

Magicite3229d ago

WiiU is a huge downfall compared to Wii, in 25+ months WiiU achieved less than 10% of Wii's LTD.
And its probably no surprise that WiiU wont reach Gamecubes LTD numbers before being discontinued.
Now its a battle between WiiU and PSV, who will reach 10m and 15m first.
On a bright side - next Nintendo console surely cant be worse selling that WiiU?

SilentNegotiator3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

What a sad display of fanboyism, calling this article "reaching". Nintendo's current system selling slower than any of their other home consoles is an important fact/news.

"Regardless of what Wii U sells, they are still making profit, you can't that about any other console manufacturer"

Sony's game division profited. And you're wrong whether you pretend like you meant a company as a whole or not, since Microsoft makes profit as a whole; Nintendo is NOT the only one making profit.

3-4-53229d ago

If Nintendo was an American Company, Forbes will be all over their jock.

Forbes + Video Game news = They are out of touch with reality.

They try their shady business forcasting and try and apply it to a creative format like games and it doesn't work.

Tons of these "experts" do it.

It's the problem with video games now.

They bring in this Forbes like "money guys/women" who think they have all these savy business practices that end up screwing everybody over because they were too arrogant to see the truth of the matter.

* Microsoft is doing just fine.

* Sony is doing just fine.

* Nintendo is doing just fine.

* Video games are as strong, for a business, as they've ever been and aren't going anywhere.

Misleading Media tries to make you think the answer is A, when it's actually B.

They do it to all companies, all people....as long as they can make a buck selling a story.

They do it with politics too.

Our media has sold us out.

Knushwood Butt3229d ago

Wii U is already in last place this gen after a year head start.

That's not reaching.

The only reaching being done is by Nintendo themselves. Do they really think they can shift more hardware when they've already released their big gun games?

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leganord3229d ago

Well, what can you expect from Forbes' "SJW extraordinaire" Paul Tassi? These people don't care about games, only about clickbait and creating drama. They are lowlife trolls, and I should have known better before clicking on it. To think that a year or two ago I actually held Forbes in high esteem, how quickly do things change.

snookiegamer3229d ago

So? ...doesn't make it any harder to enjoy the best games so far of this generation!

Quit the doom propaganda ...life's gonna be okay ;)

LOL_WUT3229d ago

That doesn't change the fact that its their slowest selling console ever in which case not a lot of people are going to get to enjoy your so called best games ;)

Malice-Flare3229d ago

that's on them. it doesn't matter how many good games are on the system if the company doesn't have the guts to market it or to promote it...

GokuSolosAll3229d ago

To be fair Nintendo set high bars with their previous systems, even NGC did fine, just not for a Nintendo system. Wii U's problem is a lack of good games; NGC had that a bit but still had better games. Baten Kaitos, RE0, MGS:TS, ToS, and many others. I'm hard pressed to justify a Wii U purchase after 2 years. It really is their worst.

All that aside, I think it is still good enough to buy later. Practically every syatem has been though, with few exceptions (just among the Big 4; Sega, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft). Even Virtual Boy was better than crap like 3DO. Nintendo's failures are still cool. Their potential is wasted for sure though.

higgins783229d ago

Lack of good games? I'm sorry, but for my money it's library of great games is far greater than anything on PS4 or XB1 - certainly exclusive to the particular console.