IGN - Grand Theft Auto 5 Blowout

"Starting Monday, November 12th, IGN will have a slew of exclusive GTA V content hitting every single day, all week long. From our first impressions of the first mission and the inner-workings of three playable characters, to the gigantic scope of the re-imagined city of Los Santos, you can read about it and watch it all first, right here." IGN

TheModernKamikaze4274d ago

Every day new info on GTA V?
More reasons to be excited after dismissal of school!

XB1_PS44274d ago

I'm gonna be checking from work. :) I'm excited to see how the three players will be utilized. I'm hoping for an in depth, intertwining story. Can't wait.

nan04274d ago

Aren't you too young to be playing/buying rated M games anyway

TheModernKamikaze4274d ago

I just know that I am not stupid enough to be influenced by what I play.

nan04273d ago

I'm just kidding man, I played rated M games before I was 17 as well lol.

PinkFunk4274d ago

Whoa. That's good news. Thank you IGN for your tireless work in bringing us exclusive news content from the Biggest Blockbusters around.

or like, w/e.

ninavoljic4274d ago

I doubt it would be a 'blowout'.

It would be just a rehash of everything that came from G.I and just speculations.

The real blowout would still be that one coming from November 18. :D

Double_Oh_Snap4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Hopefully the bulk of the news (besides impressions) isn't just regurgitated GI info. Either way very excited for next week. If all else fails GTA V trailer 2 is Wednesday, which will be epic.

Cam9774274d ago

Absolutely terrible timing. I'm so disappointed, I have an exam next week.

AiirJordann234274d ago

all info will still be there when you finish

danieldeath4274d ago

Even i have exams but, i don't care :3

Hydrolex4274d ago

what a BS excuse... it takes 15 mins to look at screenshots and read an article.. It's not gonna be a 200 page article

Cam9774273d ago

You don't understand, I'll read it and that'll trigger a chain reaction of GRAND THEFT AUTO-related searches; pro dominantly on GTAF.

Nitrowolf24274d ago

It's not like the game is coming out next week

indubitably4274d ago

I had an exam 7-9pm the Monday before Halo 4 came out and an exam 9:30-11am the Tuesday it came out and I still went to the midnight release. You have no reason to be upset that an article is going to take 15 minutes out of your each of your days next week, if it is really that big of a deal to you just don't read the articles, it is as if it came out any other time.

timothylittle4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

u mad, bro?

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