Concept V Sales: The Waggle Debate.

No one can disagree that the king of this generation is the Wii; although some would like to shove it conveniently to one side and concentrate on the 360 and the PS3. But the figures speak for themselves: Wii (97 million sales), 360 (70 million sales) and the PS3 (68 million sales), give or take a point or two. Of course the PS2 also continued to sell, reaching a further 25 million units sold during this generation, but that’s ‘perhaps’ another story. That’s a healthy 27 million lead in sales the Wii has over the console in second place. Whether people want to avoid facing this fact or not, it is undeniable. Even though some question the validity of that data, they only ever do that when numbers are released for the 360 or PS3. That alone is very telling.

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microgenius4264d ago

i dont think in the end of generation wii would be NO1
its dying rapidly but other two specialy ps3 will sell at least 5 year more
then you can see TEH REAL KING of generation

miyamoto4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

You know I have never seen things in this light before. Even if you combine Gamecube & Wii numbers the PS2 out sells them altogether. Very interesting. The PS2 has transcended this gen with 25 million is a great feat!


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Armyofdarkness7h ago

Ah, fond memories of strangling all the people in their hotel rooms in Hitman 1

bunt-custardly5h ago

Lara Croft, Nathan Drake etc, cos they pretend to be the good guys but are mass murderers that show no remorse.


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